HB forty-nine: Getting tough on drug dealers


Right now, in Alaska, there’s correctly no prison time for drug ownership offenses. If you’re caught with drugs, you aren’t going to prison, and also, you’re not going to get treatment. That method, people with an addiction have no incentive — neither carrot nor stick — to get wiped clean up. Unbridled drug abuse and addiction are what Senate Bill ninety-one introduced to Alaska in 2016.

House Bill 49 is a rollback of S.B. ninety-one, signed into law by Gov. Bill Walker.


H.B. forty-nine essentially takes drug ownership, and trafficking penalties lower back to pre-SB ninety-one degrees.

The bill returns unlawful drug ownership to an arrestable crime, with a misdemeanor on the first offense with a likely one-12 months sentence and a Class C legal on the second.

For pills consisting of heroin, methamphetamine, and opioids, judges may restore their capability to put offenders in jail for a year for first- and 2nd-time ownership. The 1/3 drug possession could be punishable using up to two years.
It also returns illegal drug distribution of the maximum risky pills to Class B and A felonies from the modern (S.B. 91) Class B and C ranges. It eliminates quantity as an aspect. If someone is dispensing, they can’t skate due to a small amount on them.

The law adds additional prison time past S.B. ninety-one stages for selling or producing unlawful tablets close to children.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, which cataloged 400,000 prisoners over nine years across 30 states, seventy-seven percent of launched drug offenders were arrested once more for non-drug-related offenses within nine years.

Suzanne Downing had careers in enterprise and journalism before serving as Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives and returning to Alaska to serve as Gov. Sean’s speechwriter Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Although I feel “locking up” a number of these low-degree offenders may have a minimal effect on belonging crime, the fashion in returning to a “Reaganesque” War on Drugs has cost the kingdom $ tens of millions of greenbacks (over the following several years) as we see accelerated hours on prosecutors and increased correction department staff and jail space…

My primary challenge in enjoying myself as a paramedic is that prison does not allow patients to detox.
We saw this ultimate year with the young woman who died in the Anchorage prison, after which her family received a massive economic agreement for a “wrongful demise” from the country.
The fact is many “druggies” are functional participants of society and war with despair and different mental health issues that cause them to “self-medicate.”
Remember the GOP hero Rush Limbaugh, who turned into determined to have a medicine cupboard full of drugs he received from medical doctors and black marketplace sources?
“Many capsules, along with marijuana, opium, coca, and psychedelics, were used for heaps of years for each medical and nonsecular function. So why are a few tablets criminal and other pills unlawful nowadays? It’s now not based on any scientific evaluation of the relative risks of these pills – but it has everything to do with who is related to these drugs.”

“The opioid epidemic can be understood in 3 waves.
In the first wave, starting in the past due 1990s and early 2000s, doctors prescribed quite a few opioid painkillers. That triggered the medication to increase to widespread misuse and addiction — among no longer simply patients but additionally friends and own family of sufferers, teens who took the medication from their mother and father’s medication shelves, and those who offered extra capsules from the black market.”