DU college students from Haryana claim discrimination in renting homes to them


Students searching for accommodation in Delhi University’s north campus face some issues. They frequently find themselves difficult-pressed for a home, from the rocketing call for college hostels to increasing prices and high rents of PG inns and private houses. But for those from Haryana, it is plenty worse.

Several male college students from the country, who’re studying at Delhi University, alleged that they’d been placed on a ‘blacklist’ through assets sellers. In regions adjoining the campus, together with Vijay Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar, among others, college students regularly heard the chorus: “There is no space at all.”

A belongings supplier this ebook spoke to stated landlords were no longer inclined to rent homes to Haryana students as there has been a worry of encroachment. In “multiple incidents, Haryana boys have occupied the residences,” he stated.


“Landlords have begun to maintain distance with men from the place, and we are able to’t truly assist it,” he explained. Singh from Jhajjar, who has been studying in Delhi since 2012, stated he became a victim of such alleged profiling. “You can’t deny that many people from UP and Bihar have been involved in comparable incidents,” he stated.

“During my commencement, I stayed in my university hostel. When I took admission in a masters route, it became impossible to discover a PG or a condo (at the periphery of campus),” he stated, including: “Landlords don’t without delay address renters… They direct us to assets dealers, who refuse to take the agreement forward when they recognize we’re from Haryana.”

“Like others, we got here with fantastic marks to get admission in true colleges; however, we are still now not handled similarly,” he burdened. However, a BSC student, Pawan Singh stated the issue is no longer new.

“It has been going on for years. Either locate a person to post their ID; otherwise, you offer to pay more. It is frustrating. In Haryana, college students come from everywhere and are handled equally. Still, we are facing discrimination all of the time,” he lamented, adding, “It may be because of our language or past incidents possibly.” A student from Bahadurgarh said it was “unfair” that he needed to go through due to what other people’s moves. “You say Haryana, and they assume hooliganism.” India’s Property dealers help people purchase or sell their assets for earnings. The service delivery rate is a set fee percentage that varies from place to location.

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