Indian Kitchen Design


The purpose Indian meals taste, so the top is due to the quantity of work going into making it. But ask anyone who has ever cooked Indian curries, and they’ll tell you all about the aftermath of cleaning the kitchen post a heavy meal. If you select a lighter shade for the kitchen countertop, you may live with the stains for months, and in case you take metallic, it might entice heat and make it unbearable to stand around. If you are stuck among wanting an excellent searching, current Indian kitchen design and one that suits Indian cooking, these options are probably suitable for you.

Indian Kitchen Design: Granite Countertop

Indian Kitchen Design 1

A black granite countertop is going nicely with quite lots of all the colorations you can discover in a modular kitchen catalog. Once you have got mounted it, you have got truly not anything to worry about. It is good for a hectic kitchen that sees quite a few difficult uses. Since it is easy to smooth and hold, you could even chop immediately at the granite and ease it off. Granite is scratch and stain evidence and retains its shine for years. Italian granite is available in various colorations too.

Indian Kitchen Design: Marble Countertop

Just like granite, marble is available in an exciting range of colors and textures. This one also lasts longer and is easy-to-maintain. Moreover, marble comes with its personal attraction and sophistication. It’s the downside? Marble is porous and can absorb liquid stains. So, in case you bask in heavy cooking daily, marble won’t be the first-rate wager.

Indian Kitchen Design: Quartz Countertop

This is a less expensive substitute for the excessive-end steeply-priced granite and is available in more than one shade. Quartz has all the granite qualities but requires a tad bit of upkeep and warning, mainly while you’re using hot utensils within the kitchen. Hot pans and pots may be stored at the counter; however, they may leave burn marks now, not for long in any other case. It isn’t porous as marble and, therefore, will not absorb liquids.

Indian Kitchen Design: Wooden Countertop

A timber countertop could make your kitchen stand out with its antique global allure. It is eco-friendly and additionally consists of enzymes which can kill microorganism. Needless to say, it’s far longer lasting and can’t be damaged effortlessly. You can select from cherry, teak, yellow cedar, mahogany et al. however, for extra carefree use, you may finish the surface with waterproof varnish. If you stay in humid conditions, avoid wooden countertops as they generally tend to amplify and contract with changing humidity stages. With super appears comes the first-rate obligation, and keeping the timber dry at all times is considered one of them, so be prepared for ordinary maintenance.

Indian Kitchen Design: Natural Stone Countertop

If you are looking at natural stones in your countertop, then move for the best ol’ sandstone and limestone (cuddapah). These are stain-resistant, non-porous, and extremely low cost. Both are clean to preserve, and paintings round in. However, over a period of time, you can discover scratches from warmness, although they may be easily buffed with sandpaper in the case of sandstone.