A girl has observed a hidden tray in her fridge that becomes making her kitchen scent


Have you ever found a bad smell in your kitchen and questioned wherein it was coming from?

Over at the Facebook group Mrs. Hinch Cleaning Tips, a female, has shared pics of the drip trays in her fridge blanketed in the mold after noticing a bad scent coming from her kitchen.

Like lots of us, she also became unaware of the trays and in which they’re placed. “I didn’t even recognize there was a drip tray on refrigerators. I always questioned what the bung was for within the again of a refrigerator. I always clean it. But never knew there was a tray above the motor where the liquid collects,” Charlotte explained on the Facebook web page, reviews The Metro.


The drip pan on a fridge catches the condensation flowing from the defrost drain — but if it isn’t regularly cleaned, it could shop mold, germs, and nasty bacteria and purpose a terrible scent. While typically disregarded, the tray should be cleaned every 3 months.

And Charlotte isn’t on my own now, not realizing her fridge had a drip tray – many others inside the Facebook organization joined into proportion their thoughts. One explained, “I best discovered this when I started to odor fish weeks after I had some in a bag… The smell becomes rotten fish and molded over.”

Another defined how she best found the drip tray after spilled milk had trickled down onto it and triggered a terrible smell.

You will find the drip tray located at the lowest of the refrigerator, usually toward the return. Remove the front panel at the lowest of the appliance, and you will be able to take it away effortlessly.

They are quality wiped clean with warm water, kitchen spray, and a scrub brush to make certain any dust is well eliminated. Try to do this every 3 months.

Say good-bye to terrible kitchen smells…

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Homemade dust remover

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