RERA-registered realty agents much less than five% in Punjab


After one and a half years of establishing the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Punjab, the simplest 1,461 actual estate brokers have registered themselves with authority. With more than 30,000 belongings sellers inside the nation, the range of registered agents is much less than five concerned over the low registration via agents. The RERA, Punjab, will compile statistics on unscrupulous real property dealers through their categorized advertisements posted in newspapers and data collected from the public. The authority is also planning to serve them notices. Currently, anyone can become an actual estate broker in the country and throughout the United States of America, as no license or certificate is needed.


However, the RERA Act mandates that all property sellers sign in with authority. Retailers’ registration was changed to make it mandatory to deliver readability to the real property zone, as brokers forget about home shoppers’ hobbies and favor only builders.

“The low number of registrations is a reason for the issue. Recently, we had an assembly wherein it becomes determined that notices could be dispatched to these belongings agents,” RERA-Punjab member Sanjiv Gupta advised The Tribune.

According to difficult estimates, there are over 30,000 real estate agents in the nation. When asked how the authority would discover the unregistered agents, Gupta said, “We will tune them through newspaper advertisements, mainly categorized commercials, and combine data obtained from the general public.”

The RERA, Punjab, has mandated that any broker who wants to sell apartments in a registered task desires to be registered with the real estate authority. As of now, 1,461 such realty agents have registered with the authority. Any developer who registers his task has to disclose his brokers’ list, and they, in flip, want to be registered with the authority. In Punjab, 655 tasks are registered with the authority.

However, most agents (almost ninety percent) are coping with re-bought properties or unauthorized colonies, which don’t fall under the ambit of RERA.

“There is an ambiguity within the Act. Once the dealer is registered with RERA, he can deal only with the registered tasks, not unregistered ones. So several actual property marketers aren’t coming forward to get themselves registered,” Assets said.

In Punjab, nearly 3,000 unauthorized colonies aren’t registered with RERA. Many brokers deal with such colonies and unregistered homes, so they don’t want to sign up themselves.

According to specialists, people distrust marketers due to their unprofessional behavior. There is a need to regulate those dealers because, in instances, excessive competition inside brokers in a specific region and a bent to shut deals cause belonging dealers to hoodwink ignorant consumers.

The Punjab RERA was notified on June 8, 2017, and set up on August 10, 2017.

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