Security is going for a toss as tenant verification turns into eyewash in Delhi


Independence Day is right around the corner, and the national capital is in a state of excessive alert. But behind the huge deployment of personnel, scanners, cameras, and barricades lies a tale of utter negligence on a crucial security-associated difficulty: proper identification of humans residing in a particular area.

The mandatory tenant and servant verification technique—aimed at detecting crooks’ historical past, if any, and preserving a database on humans living under a police station—has broken down in Delhi-NCR. Rather, it has become a money-making mission for cops and asset sellers.


Mail Today visited approximately 25 police stations in Delhi and Noida to check the verification procedure.

In most police stations, the verification forms had been dumped, gathering dust, without any action taken to finish the process.
“Gone are the one’s days when the owner and tenant or corporation and home help would visit involved police stations for verification. Now property dealers, marketers, or touts come and post the crammed-up form and get a receipt,” said an official at a police station in South Delhi.

Against Rs 1,000 and Rs1,500, the property sellers and touts are home-handing over the verification bureaucracy’s receipts. The receipt contains a worrying police station stamp and is considered the ultimate phrase on someone’s innocence.

Many tenants in Delhi and Noida stated they were given the verification receipt without visiting the police station and that their landlords were popular with it without a word.

“From Malviya Nagar, my family shifted to Sector forty-six in Noida. The assets dealer took Rs 1 two hundred greater and gave me an acknowledgment slip at your step before I shifted,” said Abhishek Sharma (call modified), a businessman, who claimed to have availed the identical ‘provider’ in Malviya Nagar Additionally.

In Noida, rent deeds are a rip-off in themselves—anyone can ‘purchase’ a blank lease settlement on a notarised Rs 100 stamp paper.

As a capability patron, Mail Today observed that during Sectors sixteen and 18, notary officials had been selling blank rent agreements for just Rs 200-Rs 300.

“Blank lease agreements can be misused via filling incorrect/faux statistics about the house. Then, with the assistance of that hire settlement, any record can be acquired. These procedures are regularly utilized by sleeper cells of terror clothing and with the aid of criminals. This is why, in most cases, the recovered or seized files become forged,” stated Supply in Delhi Police Crime Branch.

Speaking to Mail Today, LN Rao, former Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police, claimed that those verifications are simply an eyewash.

“It is carried out only for mental satisfaction, not for a history test. It simply creates an impact that the tenant’s information is with the police. However, the law enforcement officials do not attempt to follow up with the concerned police station of different states (to vouch for past addresses of the tenant),” Rao said.

Delhi Police spokesperson Madhur Verma stated, “All verification varieties of the applicant are sent to their involved police station (from which they belong) to check for any crook history or get an individual certificate. In almost all cases, the police of other states fail even to give any revert at the case.”

In Noida, tenant or home help verification bureaucracy is not even to be found at police stations. One has to tour the SSP’s office in Surajpur, Greater Noida, to get a form. Often, the receipts are given across the desk against a small ‘payment.’

However, a Noida police spokesperson claimed the departments significantly took all verification paperwork and sent them for important historical past assessments.

“Several recognition campaigns have been undertaken. However, landlords no longer understand the significance of tenant verification,” stated Chinmoy Biswal, DCP Delhi Police (south-east).