Production-Ready Exterior Design Leaked Via Patent Filing


Audi’s head of layout, Mark Lichte, advised media outlets in December that the marque’s imminent 2020 E-Tron GT electric sedan will enter production nearly unaltered from its idea form, and recently leaked Chinese patent filings appear to support his claim.

Discovered by using a consumer of E-Tron Forum, the following pictures allegedly come from the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA)’s online patent database. They depict a car that appears all but equal to the sheet steel concept car, which turned into as near a manufacturing body as you may get.

Exterior Design

Lichte stated that the E-Tron GT idea’s 22-inch wheels would cut back to 21 inches and that the car’s door handles would end up something greater traditional. However, neither of those modifications is apparent in this rendering. In that manner, Audi has either made efficiently no alterations to the idea for manufacturing or that Audi has patented the concept vehicle’s design—no longer a not unusual practice.

Dates for a while Audi plans to reveal the car are the concern of debate officially; E-Tron Forum claims the car will release in 2019, but different information stores report past due 2020. What’s positive is that after the auto arrives, it’ll share its PPE platform with the same Porsche Taycan. Though they may percentage a chassis and drivetrain, the simplest commonplace body element among the two will be their windshield.

As for the drivetrain itself, Audi has promised 590 horsepower carried out to the ground via its signature Quattro all-wheel-drive system, appropriate for a zero-to-60 time of somewhere in the mid-to-low three-2nd quarter. The driving range is stated through Audi to be greater than 250 miles WLTP, so count on slightly extra conservative numbers whilst the EPA gets its hands on the automobile stateside. Fast-charging options, but, must be some of the best in its magnificence, with Audi building its electric motors to accept as much as 350-kilowatt DC speedy-charging.

And if it is half as right as the E-Tron crossover is, the E-Tron GT sedan’s consumers are in for a real treat.

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