Plumber sees craft ‘as an artwork form’


Catching an interview with a reality TV star sparked an unexpected career trade for Raukawa Panama.

Watching the communication with Australian Survivor contestant Aimee Stanton, who went from splendor therapist to plumber, struck a chord.

Panama starts with the notion she would be a hairdresser because she’s usually been appropriate together with her palms.


Her siblings had satisfied her to cut their hair, ill of the bowl cuts they were getting from another sister.

“It became all approximately nail polish and a way to dress. I realized this isn’t what I desired to do.”

The 30-year-old has finished a six-month pre-trade course at Wintec, has an apprenticeship with Masterlink, and is hosted through Plumbing and Gas Works in Hamilton.

Panama said she loves her new professional course in plumbing.

“I see it as an art form.”

Even if others can’t see the paintings, “you will understand that you’ve carried out something exceptional for whoever the house is for.”

“It’s a health component as properly; you want to ensure you’re doing the right of the painting because you are operating with water.”

Her first day of the activity concerned drain laying—it began pouring rain—but she couldn’t stop until it was finished.

Every day is specific, she said, and she is often gaining knowledge of approximately different trades.

Panama said there weren’t many facts about trades for female college students when she became a faculty member, but this is changing now.

She is used to male-dominated environments, having spent five years in the Navy and worked in warehousing in Australia.

Although she does experience things just like the strange one out on the website at times,

“You virtually feel eyes on you on occasion.”

The Tertiary Education Commission chief executive Tim Fowler said that only 11 percent of people studying construction in New Zealand (which includes structure, electrical engineering, plumbing, gasoline fitting, and drain laying) are women.

According to the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), less than 3 percent of qualified tradespeople are women.

Fowler stated there are also significantly fewer Māori and Pacific humans in construction jobs.

The commission is launching a creation hub on the Careers NZ website that provides information about jobs, pay rates, and abilities in the production quarter and testimonies from people operating inside the enterprise.

“We hope the profession data in our production hub will help a lot of people to bear in mind operating within the construction zone and change people’s perspectives on, and stereotypes about, professional pathways and jobs inside the area,” Fowler said.

Paama aims to move to a small metropolis with her youngsters and begin her plumbing enterprise.

And she’s keen to encourage different ladies to enter trades, too.

“If you want to enter the enterprise, just do it – consider your why and your cause and in no way surrender.”

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