Kia SP2i SUV Interior Design Sketch Revealed Ahead of Launch in 2019


Kia Motors, the sector’s eighth biggest automaker, has found out the indoors snapshots of its new SUV for India. Due to being found out this summer, the SUV’s indoors makes a formidable design statement.

Kia Motors says that the SUV will be trimmed in extraordinary materials and also will get sublime design details, such as steel highlights within the air vents and an extensive, sweeping dashboard; the cabin additionally maintains a focal point on the era, creating a cutting-edge atmosphere to attraction to younger-at-heart, tech-savvy buyers. The clutch-bar at the passenger aspect of the center console provides a sporty experience.


The dashboard centers on a brand new 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation system. The center console under allows sure features, including airflow and aircon – to be adjusted effortlessly and adequately on-the-circulate. Kia’s Sound Mood Lighting technology can regulate the cabin’s ambient lighting to shape occupants’ possibilities.

Byung Chul Juh, Head of Kia Styling at Kia Motors Corporation, feedback, “We have targeted on designing a cabin unlike any other within the mid-SUV section, with a greater experience of intensity and richness to the layout. Our most modern model will offer extra satisfaction and delight to our customers, with a top rate-first-rate interior that blessings from state-of-the-art design information.”

Kia Motors is all set to launch the mid-SUV, which possesses the gap and competencies of a traditional SUV in a compact package, within the second half of 2019. The vehicle’s trial production started on the twenty-ninth of January 2019 and could be manufactured at Kia’s contemporary facility in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.

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