Leather combine to create a heat circle of relatives home


To supply their Mumbai domestic a distinct identity, the clients approached Khushboo and Kunal Khandelwal, co-founders of Design Inc. “This Mumbai residence turned into a labor of love and a collaboration between the proprietors and us. It is a space where artwork, add-ons, light, and texture overlap with bygone technology’s wonderful layout flavors. This home is antique yet contemporary,” says Khushboo. Adding to that, Kunal avers, “The customers are a nicely-respected, properly-traveled, nicely-study enterprise own family from South Mumbai. They are keen on amassing vintage artifacts. The proprietors shared a poetic quick describing what they desired for their home—a space that pays homage to old and new recollections and in which each element tells a tale.”

Mumbai Apartment: A Classy Welcome

The front is defined by an exposed brick wall edged by teakwood panels with brass strips. A vintage clock, sourced from The One in Dubai, is located on the brick wall and flanked by lens wall sconce lighting fixtures from Timothy Oulton. The brass planters from Mora Taara are positioned on the wooden steps outside the door.

Originally, the residence was accessed through a slender corridor. A niche change was created at the entrance to offer a sense of a foyer. True to the general décor, the doorway is marked with a large distressed timber replicate from Marina Homes, located at the brick wall. It is flanked with the help of an old brass artifact from the patron’s private collection to feature intensity in the linear transition space. A welcoming and warm surrounding is created to aid the concoction of heavily fluted teak wood panels, beige partitions, wooden flooring, timber-paneled cove ceilings, and closely-paneled wooden doors.

Mumbai Apartment: Formal Get-Togethers

The residing room showcases partitions finished in varying textures—the color brown takes cognizance right here. Placed at the authentic cowhide rug from the purchaser’s non-public series is the Globetrekker Aero Coffee Table via Timothy Oulton. The vicinity’s antique enchantment is accentuated through the leather-based Westminster sofas from Timothy Oulton and Lazyboy sofas from Stanley.

A series of wonderful pieces with Paris trunks, antique metal lamps, crushed white metallic glass facet tables, treasure chests filled with vintage ship components, quirky collectibles from Chor Bazaar, Marina Homes, and purchaser’s non-public treasure create an antique-world appeal.
Mumbai Apartment: A Grand Feast

Because of the base, the dining room has a customized glass desk pinnacle with a vintage delivery steel jack. Regular cushioned chairs are replaced with domestically sourced wooden chairs and a wood bench from West Elm. The composition is of an outstanding Japanese display screen positioned as a sturdy backdrop on the paneled wall.

Accessories from diverse locations and eras are displayed in a distressed wood cabinet on the other wall. The fashionable glass-fluted floor lamps and planters draw attention. The dense green foliage out of doors is framed using timber louvered home windows to feature a textural pleasantness atmosphere. The adjoining kitchen has antique wall tiles in various textures mixed with glass cabinets and gray composite wall surfaces.

The fluted teak wood panels, exposed brick walls, wood floor, wood ceiling, and teakwood windows hold the bar area’s envelope. The location combines the concept of a gentleman’s cigar lounge with a quirky vibe. The rare wall is dramatized with rates, funky pieces, United States of America-fashion add-ons, antique guitars, and some offbeat artifacts from the patron’s non-public series.

An antique wood bar from Sidewalks of the World is crafted using a sequence of antique workers’ tools and flanked using rustic metal and torn-out leather-based stools. As an assessment, the opposite aspect is gentleman’s membership. Andrew Martin stimulated leather chairs from The Charcoal project with a Globetrekker Aero side table from Timothy Oulton.

The main bedroom is conceptualized with dark blue walls and ceilings, distressed wooden surfaces, and brass detailing. The distressed headboard and bed are in sync with the overall topic. The vintage low leather chairs and wood-textured louvers provide warmth to the space. The big window offers views of the dense, inexperienced foliage outdoors. The walls are finished in Irish brown marble and mirrors.