Elements that could have an effect on home mortgage eligibility


All the credit centers extended with the aid of the economic banks, non-banking financial entities, lending institutions, and other associated microfinance agencies to the exclusive individuals are determined on numerous elements. The variant in relevant interest rates, processing fees, credit amount, reimbursement tenure, equated month-to-month installments (EMIs), consequences on default on repayments is essentially dependent on these factors.

An individual planning to take a domestic mortgage must keep several prepared in step with the prescribed and everyday measures by way of the lending institutions and banks. The eligibility of a person is step one in granting a home mortgage or a private loan.

Here are five elements that can affect domestic loan eligibility

Elements that could have an effect on home mortgage eligibility 1

Credit rating

Credit rating issued by way of the credit profiling agencies is the primary and most important filter which is assessed thoroughly earlier than granting any credit score facility to someone, be it a mortgage, overdraft, or a credit scorecard. An individual’s credit score rating is derived from the credit score utilization ratio, repayment records, existing liabilities, and timely bills of payments.

Total profits

The cumulative profits from all sources are any other key aspect that’s taken into account earlier than extending a domestic mortgage as overall income, multiple resources, and the nature of the industry in which a man or woman is running displays the repayment capacities. A character incomes a lakh rupee from multiple sources inclusive of Rs 50,000 from salary, Rs 30,000 from apartment profits, and Rs 20,000 as hobby income is preferred over a person earning Rs 1 lakh from a single source for granting a loan.


The present age at which the individual is planning to make the home loan will become every other element that affects the house loan eligibility. The financial institution and different lending establishments can also refrain from granting a mortgage or a credit score facility to someone in the age in the direction of retirement compared to someone in his late 40s and early 50s.

Existing liabilities

Existing debt burden and the frequency of defaults inside the repayment cycle sharply impact the home loan eligibility. The domestic mortgage software of someone with two to three ongoing loans inclusive of education loan, vehicle mortgage, and credit card debt will get rejected by way of the banks and creditors. From a bank’s perspective, such people are considered incapable of servicing every other credit facility’s repayments.

Employment status

Employment popularity is a prime component that is considered by using all the lending institutions. A person with risky employment records or dependent on seasonal employment possibilities will not pay off the mortgage on time. A person with a strong and everlasting employment history is preferred more.

2. Create Special Offers

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