Home name: To purchase or rent?


When city-based totally economic planner Melvin Joseph, now 52, started out running 25 years in the past, he had made up his mind that he could no longer purchase a property. “Immediately after my wedding ceremony, I got transferred from my home city in Kerala to a hill station at the same time as operating for an insurance corporation. Since then, I actually have usually stayed on rent as I knew I would be converting cities because of my work profile,” says Joseph. In the past 25 years, he has shifted to a couple of cities throughout Kerala and Tamil Nadu before finishing up in Mumbai. Not owning assets has virtually given him the liberty to explore his career without any regulations, says Joseph. “Had I purchased a residence in Kerala 25 years ago, then my profession would have been constrained, as I would be considering my actual estate investment and might have been locked into an EMI [equated monthly installment],” he says.

Unlike Joesph, who changed into clear about his selection, the majority of salaried individuals, at some point or the other, have to address this not unusual predicament—to buy a residence or lease one. Once you maintain your feelings apart, it receives less complicated to decide this. Here are some key questions you need to invite yourself to make an informed selection on belongings for self occupancy:


Home name: To purchase or rent? 1

Today, most people tend to alternate towns for better possibilities. “Don’t purchase a house in the early a part of your profession if you are probable to transport cities or if there’s no task truth,” says Joseph. Real estate is an illiquid asset, and you also can’t predict the growth of it. Plans to promote and purchase homes at your convenience might not paintings. “With the want for flexibility being paramount in careers and the requirement to reskill at a couple of degrees, the power of renting and now not having EMIS can be tremendous,” says Vishal Dhawan, founding the father of Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors.

Verdict: Don’t purchase a house if you don’t plan to live within the city for a lengthy.


Real estate is a costly asset. In the case of salaried people, a residence is probably to be the most luxurious purchase. Hence, you want to invite yourself if you can have the funds for to shop for belonging. “A house calls for a large amount of capital, and for most of us, it includes taking a mortgage. Buying a house to live in may make an experience if you are going to be within the town for long, journey time to paintings area is much less and have at the least 25% of the quantity to be had as down price,” says financial planner Deepali Sen.

Verdict: If the rent is 1-2% of the asset and EMI cost is possibly to be 1.5 times above month-to-month hire, live on hire.


To woo homebuyers amid high costs, developers reduce the property’s scale to try and suit the house to your finances. But do you truly want to stay in it?

Besides location and affordability, you furthermore might need to aspect in the size of the belongings. Just because you could have the funds for the most effective 280 sqft for ₹1 crore in Mumbai, you shouldn’t lock yourself in. Similarly, simply because you fancy a large residence, you shouldn’t cross for it if you can’t have the funds for it.

Verdict: Don’t purchase a residence that doesn’t shape your requirement.

CAN YOU REPAY THE LOAN? Remember that domestic loans are of longer duration and are big ticket-length loans. And you ought to have the lengthy-time period capability to service these loans. You have to ensure your property mortgage compensation is cushioned in opposition to activity loss, loss of earnings because of a medical emergency, and every other unforeseen situation.

Verdict: Don’t buy a house if you don’t have the potential to pay off your mortgage.


Remember, buying a house is the most effective one of the economic goals. You can even have other goals to fulfill, including better training, baby’s schooling, shopping for an automobile, tour plan, and retirement. You ought to make certain you are capable of meeting these desires too. “You need to think of buying a house without hurting your way of life and your other dreams. Usually, a bigger home mortgage way the destiny cash float receives used up for at the least two a long time. This leaves little room for other key dreams,” says Sen.