Former SP MP found useless internal his UP home


Former Samajwadi Party MP Kamlesh Balmiki was found lifeless under mysterious circumstances in Khurja in Bulandshahr, police.

Prima facie is regarded to be a case of poisoning. The info could still be recognized most effectively after the put-up mortem report comes in, Khurja circle officer Gopal Singh instructed newshounds.

According to the police, they had obtained a name late on Monday afternoon from the former MP’s nephew Lalit Balmiki, who knows that his uncle changed into lying dead inner his room.

Former SP MP

“His cousins had come down to test on him after he did no longer revert their calls. They needed to force themselves thru the first two doors, bolted from internal, before they may enter the room where Balmiki was lying dead,” stated Manish Mishra, Bulandshahr Superintendent of Police.

The police legit said that the house changed into bolted from the interior. It became by some means opened via 4 individuals of the circle of relatives. The room’s iron gate, wherein Balmiki’s frame became determined, changed into also locked from inner and the family individuals needed to open that as nicely.

Balmiki, 52, had gained from the Bulandshahr parliamentary constituency in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

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