Legislature left a few pipes disconnected on plumbing regulation


To judge from the reaction this past week, the Texas Legislature’s failure to do so at the future of the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners was either a victory for government deregulation or the start of a client public safety disaster.

Gov. Greg Abbott provided no clarity whilst tweeted on Tuesday, “TEXAS PLUMBERS: We’ve got this. The Legislature has given the Governor many gears in my toolbox to extend the State Board of Plumbing Examiners for two years without calling a special consultation. We will help you recognize it very soon. Don’t worry.”

Abbott has given no hint of what those many types of equipment are or how he might use them. Should nothing be carried out, the state’s plumbing license law will expire on Sept. 1. The plumbing examiners board, created in 1947, might go out of life on Sept. 1, 2020. Plumbers will no longer want a state license to work in Texas.


Roger Wakefield, The Expert Plumber of YouTube video reputation, has grown to be the de facto spokesman for the motion to save the plumbing board. He says it’s approximate “the lives of humans inside the nation of Texas being positioned at hazard.”

There is, but, no trace of that threat to the public in a Sunset Advisory Commission file that began a chain of occasions that brought about the undoing of the plumbing examiners board.

The commission, whose process it’s miles to evaluate all national agencies, was brutally essential of the plumbing board. It recommended the country’s Department of Licensing and Regulation take over the regulation of plumbers, but the legislature’s chambers could not agree on the way to do this.

The Sunset Commission workforce stated a backlog of greater than 1,400 human beings ready to take the state plumbing license exam, plus terrible customer service and a developing caseload of patron lawsuits that have been taking longer and longer to be resolved.

The record also identified something to which warring parties of nation occupational licensing again and again object. Sunset staff concluded that Texas plumbing law and board policies shield established plumbers and make it unnecessarily hard for brand new plumbers to enter the alternate. Hence, a scarcity of licensed plumbers in Texas, in step with the record.

The switch to Licensing and Regulation, the report stated, would store taxpayers $768,000 within the first 5 years.

Wakefield, owner of Texas Green Plumbing in Sachse, 20 miles northeast of Dallas, instructed The Texas Monitor he began attending hearings and objecting to the Sunset conclusions before the legislative consultation started.

The Department of Licensing and Regulation, which oversees 39 occupations such as electricians and air-con contractors, might not be able to supply individualized interest to plumbers, Wakefield said.

A kingdom with a booming populace and seventy-one,2 hundred plumbing licenses are presently served using a plumbing board with sixteen licensing professionals and 9 inspectors, in step with its strategic plan for 2019-23.

Plumbers, their unions, and change agencies doubted that the licensing agency could offer as rigorous a test for licensing, cheapening national certification’s overall value, Wakefield said.

Executive Director Lisa Hill has stated that the plumbing board’s licensing software is chronically underfunded. License charges enhance $5.2 million yearly. However, $2.7 million of that goes into the state’s General Fund.

“I admit the gadget needs improving,” Wakefield said. “But the legislature doesn’t need to surrender the cash that goes to the General Fund. They want extra money, extra inspectors, extra computers. They ought to restore it if they wanted to.”

Four-nation senators on the Sunset Advisory Commission, which includes chair Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, disagreed. They introduced Senate Bill 621 in late February to retire the board. The invoice surpassed the Senate in early April on a celebration-line vote, with all 19 Republicans favoring it and all 12 Democrats opposed.

The House handed an amended model of the bill that proved unacceptable to the Senate authors. Before the end of the session, the residents rejected a compromise recommendation on a joint committee invoice.

Inaction at the bill and the legislature’s failure to take into account House Bill 1550, a seize-all postponement for 2 years on all Sunset actions on kingdom companies, started the clocking ticking on the plumbing board.

When it has become clear what had — and hadn’t — been executed, Wakefield and others within the trade went to the media to sound a public protection alarm that becomes heard nationally. “Texas is About to Become the Wild West of Plumbing,” become the headline in Newsweek.

A review via The Texas Monitor of plumbing regulatory news said during the last years offers no evidence that a lack of kingdom licensing creates a lawless or corrupt marketplace for plumbing or different vital consumer carrier markets.

If the legislature’s action stands and plumber’s licenses are now not wished, Texas might be part of the four other most populous states in the united states — California, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania — in counting on neighborhood codes as opposed to a nation plumbing license law, in step with an occupational licensing database stored by using the National Conference of State Legislatures. In all, 15 states do no longer license plumbers.