County’s Advisory Plumbing Board seeks to fill vacancies


County officials are reviewing applicants to fill 3 seats on its Advisory Plumbing Board.

That board recommends changes to Frederick County’s plumbing code and enables the county’s master plumbing inspector with imposing that code, in step with its page on the county website.

Its contributors additionally stated the board acts to assist settle disputes between contractors and homeowners countywide.

Jeremy Peterson, a plumber based in Walkersville, stated he joined the board 3 or four years in the past due to the fact his father and grandfather had been plumbers.

“I was given my journeyman plumbing license the summer time I graduated high school,” Peterson said. “Two years after that, I got my master’s plumbing license.”

Barry Glotfelty, the alternate member, has served for kind of three months. Glotfelty, director of environmental offerings for the county health branch, said he’s informed on plumbing systems that aren’t interior, which he hopes will assist the board.

“My know-how is probably greater on the on-website sewage disposal part. … Sometimes, plumbing codes will contain how pipes should be bedded on the way to the septic tank,” Glotfelty said of one instance.

Even though the advisory board can help county officers in imposing the code, it doesn’t have the last jurisdiction, stated Gary Hessong, director of the county’s branch of lets in and inspections. That falls to his department, he delivered.

Hessong, who serves as a group of workers liaison to the board, said the body meets as wished, as troubles arise among contractors, and house owners and county officials.

Glotfelty stated he hasn’t participated in an assembly but, and Peterson stated the remaining assembly was more than six months in the past.

All 3 of them said plumbing isn’t constricted to inner a residence or enterprise, particularly considering belongings proprietors in rural regions of the county.

“While most people suppose plumbing code addresses interior a living or an enterprise, it’s additionally on-site utilities,” Hessong stated.

Moving forward, county officers are soliciting and reviewing applicants for the board’s 3 vacancies, said Joyce Grossnickle, administrative officer in County Executive Jan Gardner’s office.

The closing date for the one’s applications turned into March 1 at four p.M., Grossnickle said. She stated thru email Friday that she received one utility, which Gardner will overview in the following few weeks.

Hessong introduced that the chief plumbing inspector additionally assists the board with problems, and usually is the pinnacle workforce liaison. He stated Darrell Eversole was currently employed by using the county for that position.

“We’ve formerly had chief plumbing inspectors who have had a terrific quantity of seniority and tenure that took the lead on those matters,” Hessong said.

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