East Texas plumbers react to potential deregulation


East Texas plumbers are planning to move to Austin this month over feasible deregulation of the plumbing enterprise.

State lawmakers lately did not pass a bill that might expand the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners’ lifestyles. That means come Sept. 1, all of us can do plumbing work without a license. Several local plumbers tell us they plan on protesting on the steps of the state capitol if something isn’t achieved.


“People are going to get ill if they simply allow all people who want to come and do plumbing at any person’s house,” Mark Grosvenor, C. Woods Company GM, stated. “Things are going to occur. It’s got to be regulated.”

Right now, years of labor are going into acquiring a plumbing license. In Texas, one needs to start as an apprentice and work their way through the journeyman’s level earlier than turning into a grasp plumber. There is also the option to reap a tradesman plumber license in between journeyman and master.

“We can’t allow this to happen,” Grosvenor stated. “It’s going to be their fitness and welfare. This is affected.”

On Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted assuring plumbers he’s working on the issue. Abbott said he could extend the lifestyles of the agency for 2 years without a special session.

It’s nevertheless uncertain exactly how that can be achieved. The governor said, “we can let you understand very quickly. Don’t fear.”

A Rally for the Future of Texas Plumbers is about for 11 a.M., June 14, on the state capitol’s south steps. Several East Texas plumbers inform us they plan on attending.

“It’s a touch bit insulting,” Tyler plumber Sam Tabler stated. “To think about devaluing the whole thing we’ve worked so hard for. We’re simply looking to use the earnings we make from this exchange to elevate our households and feed our youngsters. And devaluing that could be really degrading to me, in my opinion.”

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