World Environment Day 2019


Swedish home furnishing enterprise IKEA launched the ‘Better Air Now’ initiative on Environment Day. The agency intends to do so on an international environmental difficulty by turning rice straws – a harvesting residue that contributes closely to air pollutants when burned – into raw cloth.

The first effects are visible in the upcoming series FÖRÄNDRING. This means that ‘exchange.’ The lengthy-term ambition is to create a model for reducing air pollution in other crop burning regions of the sector; that’s why Ikea has joined the weather and clean air coalition.

World Environment Day 2019 1

“Growing up in India, I have by no means been capable of taking smooth air without any consideration; heavy air pollution is part of mine and many other human beings’ everyday lifestyles. The concept of doing something that contributes to improving the scenario has given me some electricity. We desired to reflect this important subject matter in this collection,” said Akanksha Deo, IKEA clothier in India.

Health is getting more affected because of air pollution, which is developing daily and serves as a worldwide concern. North India’s scenario is maximum alarming as it’s for the area that’s counted among nine of 10 of the arena’s maximum polluted cities. The ‘Better Air Now’ initiative aimed to make rice straws as new renewable products for IKEA merchandise, which had been released in 2018.

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