West Hennepin police investigating a string of burglaries


West Hennepin Public Safety is warning folks who live in numerous West metro groups about a rash of burglaries that came about early Friday morning.

The incidents happened alongside or near County Road 11.

The West Hennepin County vicinity is quiet. There are long stretching roads and white wooden fences. The location’s draw is that it is now not too far from the towns; however, it feels quieter.

However, don’t mistake the quiet for immunity from crime.

“Maybe we don’t consider it due to the fact again, we feel like we stay out inside us of a and that this stuff does not happen,” West Hennepin Police Sgt. Rick Dennison said.

He suspects more than one person went around looking along CR eleven for unlocked cars to rifle through. He said they located valuables to take from vehicles in conjunction with garage door openers.

“[They] went inside the garages and stole assets from the garages or even worse– went into occupied houses while people had been sleeping and stole property from in the houses,” Dennison stated.

That’s exactly what happened to Todd Hanson’s circle of relatives Thursday night.

“Between three and five inside the morning–got into the car, took the garage door opener, and got her into the house,” Hanson explained as he showed us how he suspected the perpetrators were given into the home.

Hanson said his family has most effectively lived in Independence for three and a half weeks. He stated he was in the process of transferring and left one car door unlocked.

“The glove compartment changed into open, but they took the garage door openers,” Hanson stated. “There turned into one for every residence.”

Hanson stated he spent the majority of his Friday changing his valuables. Among the several missing gadgets were his work computer, passport, paintings, cell phone, billfold, and his spouse’s mobile phone.

With the move nonetheless in progress, he said not much extra might have been performed; however, he warned others to be more conscious.

“Especially out in rural areas, we get complacent,” Hanson said. “We suppose matters do not show up here as they’ll inside the city, but they do.”

Police suggested oldsters enforce the “nine p.M. Check.” Around nine o’clock, while you are beginning to wind down, you could set a reminder or a few how-to remind yourself to fasten all doorways and home windows to the house, inclusive of the storage door that results in the home.

They brought motion detectors or lighting left on all night, which are first-rate deterrents.

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