Welsh Company Enjoys Success at 2019


Camilleri Roofing, the South Wales primarily based roofing contractor, has maintained its reputation for high pleasant work by securing its tenth countrywide roofing accolade at this yr’s UK Roofing Awards.

The UK Roofing Awards has grown to be an industry-extensive occasion that recognizes and rewards high-quality artistry and safety standards in the UK roofing industry.

This 12 months’ occasion, a glittering rite held on the InterContinental O2 Hotel in London on Friday 10 May, noticed TV presenter and assets professional Sarah Beeny gift Camilleri Roofing with the Roof Slating award, in recognition of their work at the grade II indexed BSK Building at Clifton College in Bristol.


The 1,000m2 assignment required a complete roof renewal using herbal Welsh slates. A total of 15,000 Cwt y Bugail Blue/Grey square slates and Penrhyn Heather Blue Arrowhead slates had been outfitted at the duo-pitch roofs in exclusive decorative alternating bands, replicating the original layout from 1862.

The assignment provides to Camilleri Roofing’s staggering portfolio of historical and prestigious homes, which incorporates Cardiff Bay’s iconic Pierhead Building, for which they won the identical award in 2006.

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