U.K. Entrepreneur looks to helicopters to assist him bolster cellular home enterprise


Alfie Best, the CEO of U.K.-based Wyldecrest Parks, is seeking to rotorcraft to assist him to bolster his cellular domestic enterprise in the U.K. And the USA.

“I’m an arm on character,” he said in a telephone interview May 24. “We have an obligation to our citizens. It’s very important that I see our parks to look at how we care for citizens. Helicopters assist me to try this. I don’t want an airport and can tour at once to the parks a couple of times every week.”

Best stated he sold an Airbus EC120 some seven years ago for such purposes and is expecting the shipping next week of an Airbus Corporate Helicopters ACH130–whole with a distinct molten lava-camouflage paint scheme Best stated he noticed in a magazine. That ACH130 is to hold the Wyldecrest Parks brand.


“The EC120 may be very underneath-powered,” Best stated of the version discontinued by means of Airbus in 2017. With a complete fuel tank, the helicopter can bring fewer humans than the 5 advertised, but the ACH130 can be capable of bringing seven, he said.

“It’s the maximum fashionable and spacious helicopter obtainable,” Best stated of the ACH130. “I additionally checked out the [Airbus] H125, but it’s a totally antique looking device, while the ACH130 is a completely modern searching machine.”

On May 22, Airbus said it’d quickly deliver the “strikingly painted” ACH130 to Best.

Airbus released its government helicopter logo at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in 2017 and displayed an ACH130 for the first time at final year’s convention. Airbus Corporate Helicopters offers private and government helicopters, much like the Airbus Corporate Jet line.

Best takes satisfaction in his roots. The son of impoverished Romany parents, he has informed the tale of how he becomes born in 1970 in a caravan in Lutterworth, outdoor Leicester, as his parents had traveled there the night earlier than from east London.

While a youngster, Best broke into enterprise supporting his father pave driveways, then selling automobiles and vans before going bust within the recession of the early Nineties, then bouncing lower back as a cell smartphone salesman and commencing his very own chain of mobile smartphone shops in London– an enterprise he offered in 2006. Best offered his first cellular domestic park inside the U.K. In 2001, and Wyldecrest Parks now has some 75 residential mobile domestic parks–a range of that makes Wyldecrest Parks one in all the biggest, if now not the largest, such provider in Europe. Best’s extended circle of relatives have even sold some of his houses, he said.

“I constantly desired to improve myself,” Best said, adding that his mother and father are pleased with his accomplishments. “I’ve taken the splendor of my culture and mixed it and emerge as a nicely-rounded, higher man or woman for it.”

In the midst of a 16 to 18 hour workday time table, Best is also getting to know to fly helicopters although he said that he is probably to hold as a passenger on his commercial enterprise trips so that he can do work whilst in-flight. He said that he has been flying the Robinson R44 training helicopter and has approximately 15 more hours to move earlier than receiving his pilot’s license.

Such schooling has been a true gaining knowledge of revel in. Last November, weeks after the crash of a Leonardo AW169 helicopter killed the owner of Leicester City football membership and four different people, Best’s aircraft flipped over after it landed half on smooth ground and a half on concrete and Best tried to take off again. The schooling pilot was severely injured, but recovered, at the same time as Best sustained cuts and bruises.

The following day, Best said he flew again. “When you are knocked off, you have got to get again on the pony and journey it once more,” he said.

Wyldecrest Parks has 15 mobile home parks inside the United States and is trying to increase its cellular domestic presence there.

“I’m hoping to improve cellular domestic residing 10-fold,” Best said. “I see a big market in improving humans’ lives for a minimal cost.”

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