Turn your litter into functional furniture


NEWS – Does your private home have trouble with litter? I’m now not too proud to mention that mine does. Right now, I’m observing a 3.5-foot tall stack of magazines within the corner of the room. I’m positive that there are a few valid causes why these magazines had been saved instead of thrown in the recycling bin. Wouldn’t it be first-rate to show an eyesore stack of magazines into something useful? The Hockenheim M makes that dream a truth.

The Hockenheim M might also have an unusual call, but it’s a genius idea that combines a wood birchwood base, 2 leather belts, a pillow, and your magazines to make a small stool or footrest.

All you have to do is stack your magazines or newspapers on the bottom, region the pillow on top and cinch up the belts to create a chunk of furniture.


The simplest drawback to the Hockenheimer M is the rate. It’s 128,00 – 140,000 €, which fits out to approximately $145-158 US. Interested? Head over to njustudio.Com or make one your self. I wager it wouldn’t be difficult.

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