Trusted Traders reveal the most common electrical and plumbing DIY failures


Some of the maxima normally attempted electrical and plumbing DIY jobs are the identical responsibilities traders say they’re most often called in to repair or end.

We asked greater than three 800 human beings* approximately the home DIY jobs they’ve tackled. Our surveys have revealed people’s memories of risking electrocution, injuring themselves, and flooding their houses after tackling these popular jobs.

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Popular electric and plumbing DIY jobs

Trusted Traders reveal the most common electrical and plumbing DIY failures 1

Changing sockets and switches are the maximum famous electrical DIY task, tried by way of 70% of humans in our survey, at the same time as fifty-four % had attempted to update a mild fitting.

These are also the top two regions electricians are normally probably to be hired to rectify or end after DIY enthusiasts have had a move, in line with electricians on Which? Trusted Traders**. 85% have been referred to assist with mild fittings, and 84% have needed to kind out sockets and switches.

Replacing taps changed into the most famous plumbing DIY activity – fifty-three % have rolled up their sleeves to address this undertaking.

Dealing with blocked drains, pipes, or lavatories became unusual, with forty five% having attempted it, observed using plumbing in an appliance (forty-one %) and solving a leak (35%).

Traders informed us they’re most customarily hired by way of DIYers to finish fixing leaks – 76% have needed to accurate this. This turned into observed by way of plumbing in-home equipment (sixty-five %), plumbing in lavatories (62%), and converting taps (60%).

Read on for electricians’ and plumbers’ horror tales approximately electric screw-ups, flooded homes, and ruined kitchens.

Electrical shockers

DIY attempts bring about nearly 50% of all excessive electric powered shocks inside the domestic, according to research via Electrical Safety First.

Electrical work can be nice left to the professionals, specifically when you have restricted know-how and experience, as you can be risking extreme injury or fireplace.

Under constructing regulations, a few jobs additionally need to be signed off with the aid of local authority constructing management, unless you’ve employed a registered electrician who can log out the work themselves.

Here are only some of the electric DIY disasters that electricians from Trusted Traders advised us approximately. The patron had stressed the yellow twine thinking that the earth cord (generally yellow and inexperienced) into the earth terminal of a metallic chandelier-fashion mild. When they switched it on, the complete becoming became live. Somehow they did not get an electric surprise – I did!

People like to update white PVC switches with steel or chrome switches without realizing they want an earth connection to them, leaving them liable to an electric powered shock if a fault happens.

A tenant upgraded a widespread socket with a USB outlet. But the wires on the present socket had been neutral on the proper, and inside the new socket, it turned into at the left. He updated as in keeping with the existing wiring and exposed himself to risky conditions due to the opposite polarity.

A common call out is on a Sunday night time. A new mild has been bought, and they’ve tried to place it up best for the incorrect conductors to be related, inflicting either a quick circuit or the rest of the lights no longer running.

I spend 70% of my operating time rectifying what others have finished. In the worst instances, I’ve visible there had been stay exposed elements which can have electrocuted youngsters or pets.