Tips for higher window cleansing


By Monica Laliberte, WRAL government manufacturer/consumer reporter

Because home windows can appear dirtier in direct daylight, Consumer Reports recommends the first-rate methods to ease your home windows and hold them spotless for longer this summertime.

Instead of starting by cleaning the glass, the mag stated wiping and vacuuming the window frame need to be your first step.

Once you have got wiped clean the frame, you’re now free to smooth the glass. However, the mag recommends cleaning home windows on days whilst there are more clouds than sun.

House Cleaning Tips

Haniya Rae, a domestic editor for Consumer Reports, stated that the quality time to smooth the window glass is on an overcast day because the heat on a sunny day can purpose the window cleaner to dry too fast and doubtlessly leave streaks at the window.

Some items to stick far from whilst cleaning your windows are ammonia-primarily based cleaners because they have the capability to depart streaks.

The mag also shows to avoid drying the recently-cleaned home windows with paper towels because they could go away lint at the glass. Consumer Reports said the high-quality item to apply is a squeegee and to wipe any excess liquid off with a lint-unfastened towel to dry your windows.