This Mom Is Suing the Entire Furniture Industry After A Deadly IKEA Accident


IKEA garnered countrywide interest with its 29 million furnishings remembers in 2016. The degree, created after a chain of tipping deaths had been pronounced, turned into presupposed to maintain youngsters safe from inexpensive, lighter-weight portions employing both recalling them or providing protection anchor kits. Florida mom Meghan DeLong changed into relieved while her cloth wardrobe (the eight-drawer Hemnes) wasn’t on the don’t forget listing.

But the mother of two got here in from the backyard on May 14, 2017, and discovered her oldest son, Conner, now not respiratory, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. His IKEA cloth wardrobe has tipped onto him even as she was letting the canine out. Now, she’s trying to trade the furnishings standards throughout the U.S. To better guard youngsters like Connor.

After Connor’s loss of life, DeLong looked past a single business enterprise lawsuit to the enterprise at large by using attempting to trade the legal guidelines governing fixture builds’ safety. She joined the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to enact stronger guidelines inside the requirements committee, but she located more pushback than she predicted.

This Mom Is Suing the Entire Furniture Industry After A Deadly IKEA Accident 1

Mandating higher requirements—like trying out cloth cabinet with full drawers instead of empty ones or elevating the weight threshold (Conner weighed 30lbs and current tests require furnishings to face up to 60)—frequently got here at a better fee, and DeLong says this prohibits their passing. The Inquirer reports that DeLong accuses AHFA of being “prompted solely by using the unreasonable monetary benefit.”

This month, DeLong filed a lawsuit in opposition to the American Home Furnishing Alliance (AHFA) and ASTM, in a flow focused on the testers and manufacturers rather than the manufacturers. She’s searching for $50 million in damages, in step with her legal professional Thomas Scolaro, the identical amount offered to other Ikea dying suits. Her goal is to lobby Congress at once.

“She desires to be on par with the American Home Furnishings Alliance, and they have an impact on in Congress and their effect inside the regulatory process, and the best manner she can be on par with that is to have the conflict chest,” Scolaro instructed The Inquirer.

This April, Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois introduced the STURDY law to protect youngsters against tipping fixtures. However, a comparable regulation turned into a shot down in 2016. DeLong hopes that she will trade that by transferring the money to the other facet of the debate and shop different youngsters from Conner’s fate.

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