These Rooms Feature all the Worst Home Decor Trends


Ah, the ’90s: The decade gave us the Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, ‘NSYNC, and Pogs. It also gave us some of the all-time worst domestic developments (open-ground plans). When the new millennium hit—and we were not all destroyed by using Y2K—we may additionally have the notion we would have a reprieve, but, regrettably, it became now not the case: Evil home tendencies persevered in time with low-rise jeans, Steve Madden platform slides, and Paris Hilton’s “it is hot” catchphrase. We may think we’ve become protracted in the resulting decade; however, let’s accept it. There are still some undoubtedly horrific interiors obtainable (for proof, appearance no besides his Instagram account).

Want to relive the worst? You’re in success. Today, the home provider website HomeAdvisor has compiled a list of the worst home decor tendencies from the Nineteen Nineties to these days. Working with design representative Pat McNulty, HomeAdvisor pulled from VERY professional sources like Domino, realtor.Com, Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, and, of the path, House Beautiful to collect the worst of the past three decades—which an image clothier mixed into one cringeworthy living room and toilet picture for each decade. Read on for their choices.

The Worst of the Nineteen Nineties

Open plan residing room/kitchens

I’ve stated it before and’ll say again: Open-ground plans are a bad concept! Well, McNulty consents, noting that ’90s versions were particularly awful, thanks to the eclectic mix of patterns and colors frequently worried. “Nineties interior layout frequently become a mesh of patterns and colorings,” she says. “You should say the floral sofa turned into shabby elegant, but it makes no feel inside the context of the rest of the room. The combination of black and white floor tiles and yellow pine shelves within the kitchen desires to live in the ’90s with plastic fruit and M.C. Hammer.”

Orange pine shelves

This brings us to an extra-specific horrific trend: those light pine cabinets. Could anything look more dated now?

Wall stenciling

What’s the best way to distract yourself from your unsightly pine cabinets? I believe ’90s homeowners are wondering. I recognize! Why don’t we stencil some leaves on the wall?

Plastic beads

Why deploy a door when you may opt for a louder, infinitely less practical opportunity? The plastic bead room divider becomes cheap and disturbing and fails to control the present privateness—the entire point of a door!

Border wallpaper

I’m concerned about wallpaper everywhere, but I assume I trust McNulty in this one: Border wallpaper in a contrasting palette than the walls is a complicated component to do properly.

Inflatable furnishings

I had this plastic furniture on top of my birthday and Christmas wish list for a good four years in the ’90s. It was far from sublime, but it does nonetheless have a certain form of nostalgic camp—ask Prada.

Carpeted bathrooms

No, simply no. It’s unhygienic and looks gross—who made this a trend?!

Sponge painted walls

We’ll give it to the ’90s homeowners; they were diving deep into DIY before Pinterest became even a glimmer in its founders’ eyes. One of the most popular projects involved texturing partitions with a sponge or rag for—properly, I’m no longer certain what.