The Property Brothers Reveal 3 Things to Delete From Your Home


“Property Brothers” Jonathan and Drew Scott must be two of the toughest-working men in the TV home-preservation biz. As if they weren’t busy sufficient filming “Property Brothers” and its various spinoffs—”Property Brothers: Buying and Selling,” “Brother Vs. Brother,” “Drew’s Honeymoon Home”—they are producing but any other collection: “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” which premiered this week.

The show’s premise? They take the unremarkable homes that humans already stay in, then lead them over into dream houses, which is a good way to close a lifetime.

In the primary episode, “Food and Family,” the brothers meet Nora and Diego, a younger couple who have a big domestic that contains Diego’s parents, grandmother, and the children they may be planning to have in the destiny. The Bros. Feel strongly collects multigenerational households together and is moved using the couple’s plans.

The Property Brothers Reveal 3 Things to Delete From Your Home 1

Nora and Diego’s home has lots of bedrooms, but the trouble lies within the reality that the own family area is cramped, awkward, and dated. “What’s now not working is the heart of the house,” says Drew, regarding the kitchen, a circle of relatives room, and eating room. The Scott project is to make that space greater accommodating for cooking, consuming, and placing out collectively.

In this series, they display the couple renovations made to other comparable homes; then they come up with two plans—one luxury, one budget.

Diego and Nora opt for the price range model, reasoning that anything could be an enormous improvement and that they may use a nest egg for their (optimistically) growing circle of relatives. As the Property Brothers attempt to meet their desires, they monitor a few excellent recommendations for the best people. Here’s what we found out.
Never input a home properly into a kitchen.

A big residence needs huge front access, and this one is so small there may hardly ever be room for 2 humans to face in it at an equal time. Not most effective that, but it leads without delay into the kitchen—from the front door. Yikes! The first order of commercial enterprise for Jonathan is to remove the walls around the entryway and reposition the kitchen, so it’s no longer the primary room you come to when you input.

Wall-to-wall mirrors are such an ultimate century.

Once upon a time, lengthy, lengthy ago, wall-to-wall mirrors that extended from ground to ceiling had been famous due to the fact designers idea they made a room look bigger and reflected extra mild. That may be proper, but they’re so outdated in recent times! Jonathan removes the mirrors, sands down the drywall in which they once hung, and uses each paint and wallpaper to cowl them. It makes the house look an awful lot greater refined and up-to-date.

Old TV antennas should also go.

TV antennas look awful sticking up spikily from the roof, and even if they may be hidden, nobody makes use of them anymore, so why hold them round? In this situation, while Jonathan is running on the ceiling, he reveals an old TV antenna tucked up the interior, between the ceiling and the roof. Out it goes.
When to fire the hearth

Jonathan is normally into keeping a fireplace in a domestic, however in this example, “It’s now not functioning, it’s the off-middle, and it does not offer a focus,” he says. He’s relieved whilst the couple tells him it’s OK to take away this, too.

And he has a money-saving approach for conducting this. “The hearth maintenance could value a fortune if we have been going to take it out brick with the aid of brick,” he says. Instead, he covers it with drywall, and it magically disappears.

The brand new/greatest fixture and hardware colorations

Jonathan’s luxurious plan includes an implementing kitchen tap and other hardware in color called “satin gold,” and Nora and Diego are dazzled. But the finances plan requires strong black furnishings and that they appearance superb as properly, with the inexperienced counters and white quartz countertops Jonathan has selected.

Layer the landscaping

The front of the home is not very inviting, so Jonathan and Drew clean it up with the aid of including clean new paint and all-new lawn and landscaping, where before there has been not anything but a mattress of gravel and weeds. Drew notes that “layering the panorama” with color, texture, and peak appears fine, with the taller flora around the perimeter and by way of the partitions and fence. It makes a big difference.