The entire noob’s guide to shopping for second-hand fixtures


Most older Singaporeans I know nevertheless frown upon something 2d hand (“what if the preceding owner died?!”); however, something, they’re absolutely missing out at the top-notch offers you can get on used fixtures in Singapore.

By 2d hand furniture, I do not suggest a few $200,000 antique sugar timber dining table, carved from an unmarried tree felled in primary rainforest.

I regard normally used furniture – you recognize, primary objects such as Muji sofas and IKEA cabinets – that humans frequently sell at low expenses (or maybe supply away) on structures like Carousel or Facebook organizations.


The entire noob's guide to shopping for second-hand fixtures 1

At this point, you might be shaking your head and tsk-tsking me: “Nowadays writers get such low pay, meh? Why must purchase 2nd hand? IKEA furniture very cheap already what!”

Well, one would not have to be terrible to want to store cash, right? An IKEA Poang armchair might cost the most effective $199 ultra-modern. Still, if a person is promoting a used one in proper circumstance for $30, I’m sure as hell now not going to pay an additional $a hundred and seventy for the privilege of taking the components out of the field myself.

What I like extra approximately buying used furniture is that you could get excellent deals on fixtures. It is just a little bit too high-priced first-hand. For example, I’m now not wealthy enough to outfit my entire domestic with Muji furnishings <three; however, I snagged a Muji reclining sofa for $250, a 3rd of its original price tag.

Sure, it’d gross some people out that I sit down on something that a few strangers have sat on before – God forbid! – but I love the couch and experience it each day, and that is, in reality, all I care approximately.

Finally, I additionally love the danger to get maintain of amazing vintage furnishings for cheap. I actually have very fond youth recollections of my grandma’s rattan armchair and changed into over the moon to have scored for my new domestic (from a lovely antique woman in Yishun clearing her thoroughly-maintained furnishings to make manner for grandkids) for simplest $15.


I got a maximum of my used furniture from Carousel – in which else!? The excellent element about it’s far that you may look for objects very effortlessly.

While searching for fixtures at an “ordinary” store like IKEA, I’d have my Carousel app open to search for furniture that I’m hoping to discover second hand. After “checking out” the IKEA Ingo eating desk ($ seventy-nine), I searched for “ingo” and observed a person promoting a second hand one for $15.

It’s now not restrained to the cheapo IKEA stuff – you may discover greater stylish brands like HipVan, Castlery, Commune, Crate & Barrel, and (of the route) Muji too.

For example, a person’s giving a Commune couch freely, any other one is selling a HipVan armchair at $eighty (U.P. $149), and there are uncountable Muji bean baggage/floor chairs/sofas on the platform.

Other online structures you may try are Gumtree and Facebook companies like Freevo or Freecycle. These do not let you search, but if you’re an energetic person, you might be able to snag excellent deals (fixtures giveaways on Facebook, particularly).

I must also point out that more than one brick-and-mortar used fixture shops, but they’re lots greater luxurious than buying “peer to peer.” The fine regarded ones are Hock Siong and Second Charm, which promote refurbished vintage furnishings, very fashionable but also quite steeply-priced.


To me, the most critical “homework” you should do while shopping for on peer-to-peer market is to research the vendor. Read the descriptions, take a look at his/her different listings, ask questions – the point is to find out precisely the reason for selling.

Most people on Carousell are just “regular” oldsters looking to declutter earlier than Hari Raya, making way for a new child, casting off furnishings before moving house, converting up their home decor, and so forth. And they’re normally glad to tell you so (if it is not already stated on the list).

My favorite sellers to buy from are ex-pats who’re moving because most of their furniture is generic IKEA stuff they were given for their condo and in the superb situation due to the fast term nature of their life.

I also appearance out for dealers who obviously contend with their property. These are those who can tell you how long they have had the object, whilst it turned into ultimate laundered/maintained, what type of family it’s been in (smoke- and pet-loose), and many others.