Stepping stones: Studio B Flooring movements into Ballan Furniture


When Patti Ballan retired and closed Ballan Furniture in December after 29 years, she reached out to a local designer, approximately a brand new opportunity.

“I turned into right here selecting up carpet samples in the future, and Patti approached me and said she became contemplating me for a business idea… She stated she wanted to retire,” said Dawn Wilcox of the come across final fall.

One component led to some other, and now Wilcox has started Studio B Flooring, located in the back of the previous Ballan Furniture, placed at 401 Fourth St.

Wilcox, a Falls High School graduate, has a record of interior design, actual property, and retail.

Stepping stones: Studio B Flooring movements into Ballan Furniture 1

“I’ve been worried about the redesign and design of houses for about 30 years,” she said. “This just suit… I think it changed into critical for Patti to ensure the floors enterprise kept going in the vicinity… She is transitioning with me and showing me how the whole lot works.”

The enterprise will become characteristic all types of floors inclusive of carpet, luxury vinyl tile, laminate, difficult wood, ceramic and extra.

Wilcox takes in-domestic appointments Mondays and Fridays, and the store is open Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 a.M. To a few p.M.; and Saturday from nine a.M. To midday.

“It’s a stepping stone; we’ll see what else happens,” Wilcox stated. “Flooring may be a staple. However, I have some other ideas for the future.”


There are three important types of sub-floors set up to cowl and span the floor shape. It is over this that the completed floor can be positioned. The sub-floors types encompass uncooked sheathing, interlocking, and strip. It is applied now not simplest to provide a surface for the interior finishes to be positioned on, but additionally to save you twisting or torque forces located on the building. The sub-floor also allows load sharing within the joist framing gadget. The sub-floors are often glued to the joist paintings to dispose of creaking flooring and save the ground joists from turning.

The raw sheathing is available in 4’x8′ sheets, most often installed as 3/4″ thick plywood panels. This sort of sheathing is ok for spanning joist work spaced up to 24″ aside. The sheathing lies with the joints staggered in this rely on, that no area joints line up with adjoining sheets. It may be effortless to install, requiring the least amount of labor. The sheets are fixed with both 1-1/2″ floor screws or 2-1/2″ nails, spaced about 8″ aside. Although now not required, it is a good concept to offer backers or supports under the joints, among sheets that run perpendicular to the framed floor assembly.

Most normally mounted are interlocking sheathing panels. This form of sheathing is usually 5/eight” thick and synthetic as both plywood or appetite (typically known as “chipboard”) in 4′ x 8′ sheets. The sheets include the lengthy edges designed to interlock with a tongue on one part and a grove on the opposing aspect. They are hooked up via clearly pushing or pounding the sheets together and nailing or screwing them to the joist paintings, inside the identical way as raw sheathing. It is often the cheapest to put in.

Strip flooring had been as soon as the maximum popular sort of sub-floor installed. But with the introduction of synthetic sheathing products, it has become much less applied. Strip floors encompass 1″ utilizing 6″ or eight” boards, placed diagonally over the ground joist framing system. It is slightly extra pricey to put in and requires experienced tradespeople. To install such floors nicely, the lumber should be non-kiln dried, with exceedingly high moisture content. This may also appear strange; however, as the wood dries out, it’ll shrink. This shrinking motion pulls the ground collectively, adding strength to the overall machine. The blessings of this sort of sub-ground are its strength and sturdiness. One crucial word, house owners are regularly disturbed by using the small 1/4″ wide gaps, commonly left among the man or woman planks after the wood dries out. Although disturbing to peer in the course of construction, upon completion, the spaces are not great and truly don’t impact the sub-ground components in any respect. Strip floors are designed to be interlocking via lapping or spacing of joints.