Span Floors launches series of solidwood floors


Span Floors, a leading emblem of timber flooring in India has introduced their new variety of sustainable solidwood floor collection for discerning clients. The solid wood flooring by way of Span Floors are sourced from carefully nurtured timber bushes and for this reason, have an extraordinary appeal and undying beauty.

Span Floors offers a wide blend of sizes and grades in white all rightand thermally modified ashwood. These floorings are fashionable, minimalist and certainly 100% natural due to these solid wood floors are by no means out of style and add the actual fee to the home. Solid wood flooring is available a huge style of wooden species, shades and specifications and so permit owners the risk to better express their very own non-public decorating tastes with a completely unique looking long lasting floor. The solidwood flooring series is completely free from any introduced chemicals from adhesives and for that reason has a good impact at the indoor air first-rate making is completely safe for you abode.


Span Floors launches series of solidwood floors 1


Span Floors offers a huge blend of sizes and grades in white very welland thermally changed ashwood. The widespread available sizes are round 125mm width with 18mm thickness and random lengths. And in view that all the goods of Span Floors’ solid wood series come from well-managed, licensed sustainable forests one may be relaxation assured that they’re the use of a product that contributes positively to the surroundings. The color tones of this series are available in an extensive variety to go along with any indoors fashion and palette. The series is assessed into ethereal light tones, medium natural tones, earthy brown together with white, black and gray tones.

Beautiful stable wood flooring can appearance exceptional, creating an actual sense of style and individuality and a modern, present-day feel inside any domestic. There are many special types of real wooden flooring, each with a look this is completely it’s personal. Aged or distressed floors, the specific lines of parquet floors, there may be engineered wood floors and strip flooring as well as mosaic panels and give up grain wood block floors.

Aged & distressed floors

Aged wooden floors or distressed flooring presents an elegant, lived in look. It seems, for all the global, as if your floors have been laid for years and provides a sure authenticity to your property. Aged and distressed floors is likewise a totally sensible choice for both homes and business properties because it continues looking proper for longer. The rugged, worn, lived in appearance will not show the scratches and marks caused by everyday utilization. They also are a famous desire because they never require sanding not like different kinds of wood flooring.

Parquet flooring

Parquet wooden floors are a very famous choice and one of the motives for that is that a parquet ground may be laid in such a lot of unique ways, with such a lot of exceptional styles. The patterns to be had are Herringbone, Double Herringbone, Single Basket Weave, Treble Basket Weave, and Chevron. You can also choose parquet panels, parquet borders, parquet motifs, and parquet floor medallions.

Engineered timber floors

Engineered floors may be established which both floating on underlay, are secretly nailed to existing wood subfloors or fully glued to the concrete or wooden sub-ground. Engineered flooring is superb if you need to lessen the noise degree in a room and that they paintings nicely with underfloor heating structures. Engineered wooden floors are to be had in a huge variety of sizes from 14mm three strip flooring to 20mm structural engineered wide planks. Strip Floors