Outdoors columnist publishes ‘Soul of a Hunter’


“Soul of a Hunter” can be Wade Robertson’s first ebook, but it isn’t always the first time he’s shared his philosophical take on looking inside the Twin Tiers.

Robertson has been sharing his mind with Olean Times Herald and Bradford Era readers via his outside columns because of the Nineteen Seventies.


Robertson has written for Fish & Game, Pennsylvania Game News, and Pennsylvania Outdoor News, and he has written two articles that might appear in Fur-Fish-Game. He has also gained numerous awards for his writing.

“People have always requested me to jot down an e-book,” says Robertson, who often hears from readers who experience his columns. “A lot of individuals who don’t even hunt like my columns.”

He will appear the night of July 24 at the Olean Public Library for an ebook signing.

For “Soul of a Hunter,” Robertson went through his past articles, and picked ones that he felt have been attractive to the general public.

“I named my ebook ‘Soul of a Hunter’ because looking, I discovered so much from my dad and my grandfather,” he explained.

For instance, his father taught him how to examine a map. From that, he found out how to look at wherein he is going, a way to make a plan, and how to discover a way out — existence instructions that reach properly past the act of searching.

It’s now not tough to see why one doesn’t ought to hunt to experience Robertson’s looking testimonies: his autobiographical tales are not memories pretty much hunting but tales approximately lifestyles.

While Robertson’s father preferred to be by way of himself, it becomes his grandfather who “introduced me to the social international of guys.” These protected instructions consist of operating hard, pulling his weight, being respectful to other humans, and simply having manners in fashion.

Another story is ready to see a “huge room” created by using the overhang of hemlock bushes one morning.

“It’s like a church,” he stated.

In truth, spending time in nature could be very spiritual for Robertson.

“You think about lifestyles. You think about the loss of life. You think about eternity,” he says. “You don’t simply go out there and kill something. You’re available on diverse ranges,” inclusive of the feeling of being free, the affection of nature, and exhilaration of the quest.

Robertson believes searching and fishing can help modern-day society discover spirituality related to an easier life.

“As people escape from the farm and the realities of life, it’s nice to have altruistic thoughts about life and death,” he said. “That’s all there are thoughts: they’re no longer grounded in fact. Hunting and fishing deliver you proper lower back to the basics.”

He introduced, “It’s tough no longer to accept as true within God while you’re out inside the woods, especially at sunrise.”

Robertson recalled his adventure of becoming a creator.

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