Plumber Says ‘Safety Is at Risk’ After Texas Lawmakers Flush Plumbing Code


Plumbers in Texas will no longer be a problem to kingdom policies after lawmakers this week flushed the country plumbing code and the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, a national agency that employed dozens and generated $5.2 million in sales in 2017.

Soon, all of us can name ourselves a plumber without completing the agency-required training and tests, stated Roger Wakefield, grasp plumber and proprietor of Texas Green Plumbing in Richardson. Wakefield, who has been a plumber for 40 years, said the industry is now “completely unregulated” and will cause more unqualified workers to get into the group of workers.


“We’re going to put the safety of the homeowners and the general public of Texas in jeopardy,” he stated. “Plumbers installation scientific fuel, they deploy the potable drinking water that we’ve got every day. If they’re now not doing it right, humans’ protection is at the chance.”

Wakefield said he and different plumbers are calling Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and asking him to order lawmakers again to Austin for a special legislative consultation to treatment the situation. Abbott’s press workplace did now not respond to requests for comment. Still, the governor indicated on Twitter on Monday that he has no plans to reconvene legislators earlier than the subsequent normal consultation in 2021.

The kingdom plumbing code will give up to exist on Sept. 1 at the same time as the state plumbing agency, which had 28 personnel as of March, can have a “wind-down” period to wrap up operations using September 2020. Several requests for remark left with the national board have not been lower back.

That entity is answerable for licensing plumbers and imposing the state plumbing code. The business enterprise turned into up for what’s referred to as the sundown overview process when lawmakers periodically assess how successfully nation entities are prepared and whether they need to continue to exist. At some point of the legislative consultation, two payments filed that ended Monday might have prolonged the agency’s life.

Senate Bill 621 obtained pushback from individuals of the plumbing enterprise because it’d abolish the country board and move its obligations underneath the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, a bigger company that oversees greater than two-dozen other professions. State Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, voiced her competition to the invoice after a committee of House and Senate lawmakers took out her modification delaying the plumbing board’s move until 2021. The bill failed 57-88. State Rep. Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, later attempted to reconsider the vote, but he failed again sixty-eight-seventy-six.

However, House participants say Paddie had the electricity to shop the plumbing board with House Bill 1550, a “sunset protection internet bill.” Lawmakers usually skip this kind of invoice each session to maintain several kingdom groups from shutting down by way of pushing their sunset assessment to the following consultation. Paddie had earlier called for a committee of lawmakers from the House and Senate to iron out the safety internet bill’s variations. However, they didn’t difficulty a report with the aid of a key cut-off date. Thompson said from the House ground Sunday that if Paddie selected to discharge the committee and contact a vote earlier than the House gaveled out for the night time, then each the protection internet invoice and the plumbing board bill could have been saved.

Paddie stated the plumbing board operated with a few inefficiencies, inclusive of that if you want to take a plumbing exam, an applicant must come to Austin to look at it, regardless of where they are lives. He said it also took the plumbing board up to eight months to send applicants a license after completing their educational requirements. In contrast, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation envisioned they might do it in a few weeks.

However, the industry participants say the long licensing duration is important to preserve the protection risks of the majority. Wakefield, the owner of Texas Green Plumbing, said Texas has one of the extra “stringent” exams and requires more hours earlier than plumbers are given a license.

Texas has about fifty-eight,000 licensed plumbers, but the growing population and rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey have caused a shortage, in step with a record using the Sunset Commission.

However, Rick Lord, enterprise supervisor on the Plumbers Local Union sixty-eight, stated the lack is more about the money than the waiting length. He stated the shortage is low pay, no longer the plumbing board, and his union has seen a boom in packages to sign up for the union because it helps them at ease advantages and honest pay.

Alicia Dover, executive director of the Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors of Texas, said the agency changed into a meeting Tuesday afternoon and could not touch upon how eliminating the plumbing business enterprise will affect plumbers in Texas.

Many cities around Texas have nearby plumbing codes that build off large codes, including the Uniform Plumbing Code, a policy developed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, and the International Plumbing Code, advanced by way of the International Code Council. Without the state code, regulation will in all likelihood cross returned to the towns and municipalities, Wakefield stated.

Correction: An in advance model of this tale misstated what the Texas plumbing code is based totally on. The state code is primarily based on the Uniform Plumbing Code; a policy advanced via the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, and the International Plumbing Code, which comes from the International Code Council.