Russian navy actions in the direction of replacing Windows with Astra Linux


Russian authorities have moved toward implementing their plan of replacing the Windows OS on military structures with a domestically-developed running machine named Astra Linux.

Last month, the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) granted Astra Linux the security clearance of “special importance,” this means that the OS can now be used to deal with the Russian authority’s statistics of the very best diploma of secrecy.

Until now, the Russian government had only used special variations of Windows that were modified, checked, and accredited to be used by way of the FSB.
What is Astra Linux?

Russian navy actions in the direction of replacing Windows with Astra Linux 1

But starting last month, the Russian navy can now start transitioning to Astra Linux, a Debian spinoff developed through Russian company RusBITech on account that 2008.

RusBITech first advanced the OS for use within the Russian personal marketplace, but the company also accelerated into the neighborhood government quarter. It became very famous with navy contractors.

A few years back, the OS acquired certifications to deal with Russian authority’s statistics labeled as “secret” and “top secret” — information secrecy degrees situated below “unique importance” consistent with Russian law.

Since then, Astra Linux has slowly made its way into government organizations and is currently in use on the Russian National Center for Defence Control, amongst various authorities and military organizations.
Already utilized by the Russian navy.

In January 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced plans to switch army structures from the Windows OS to Astra Linux, citing fears that Microsoft’s closed-supply method might conceal Windows backdoors that can be abused by US intelligence to undercover agent on Russian authorities operations.

Since then, RusBITech has been going through the Russian government’s certification manner to get a “unique importance” classification for Astra Linux — which it did, on April 17, according to two neighborhood media reports [1, 2].

In addition to the FSTEC certification, Astra Linux additionally obtained a certificate of conformity from the FSB, Russia’s top intelligence agency, and the Ministry of Defense, starting the door for full adoption by Russia’s top army and intelligence businesses.

The certification was granted for Astra Linux Special Edition model 1.6, additionally referred to as the Smolensk launch, in keeping with local reviews. This is a business (paid) release.

The information comes after earlier this week. It changed into reported that the Chinese navy began taking similar steps to replace the Windows OS on navy systems amid fears of US hacking. The Chinese army failed to pass for a Linux distro but alternatively alluded to growing a custom OS.

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