Roofing agency returns octogenarian’s money


An 83-year-antique Central Florida female battled a roofing corporation for nearly 3 years before becoming repaid for uncompleted upkeep. This comes months after several neighborhood groups saw her story on News 6 and collectively donated a new roof for her home.

“It’s no longer raining in residence find it irresistible was,” Lucille Kellom said. “I’m glad about that.”

Kellom had been in a war with a corporation with her cash, however, by no means constant on her roof.

“It turned into a headache I kept going through. I didn’t want to have a stroke,” she stated.


In October 2016, Kellom contacted Day Roofing in Altamonte Springs.

She signed a venture of benefits, a report that permits the agency to deal at once along with her insurance agency and collect money on her behalf.

In November 2016, State Farm coverage issued Day Roofing a check for $11,429. The take a look at changed into cashed however the company never constant the roof.

“It turned into raining in here, and the mold commenced coming in,” she stated.

News 6 contacted the enterprise on severa occasions and spoke to the owner during our preliminary record. Now, almost 3 years because Kellom first contracted the company, it has lower back most of the money to the coverage company, and, in turn, State Farm has the cash again to Kellom.

The cash becomes a good deal needed.

The roof was simply the beginning for maintenance to Kellom’s domestic as the internal was nevertheless in disrepair. The rain was coming internally to her home for months, detrimental to the ceilings and walls.

“I can get the inside fixed now,” she said.

It became a long term coming, but Kellom and her son Robert said she is subsequently complete.

“It changed into comfort for me as it becomes an alleviation for my mom,” Robert Kellom said. “I’ll tell every person: If you can not deal with it by using yourself, you call Louis Bolden, Channel 6, in which you could get effects.”

The upkeep has now been completed in the home.

Yenifer Panizo-Reyes is the proprietor of the Altamonte Springs roofing business enterprise. She told News 6 the business enterprise grew to become the money over as quickly as it can and that the business enterprise went through a difficult time and now has new management.

It is usually advocated to apply underlayment from the same manufacturer as your shingles as they are designed to paintings collectively. It can be required for a valid warranty.

A contractor will select the best kind of underlayment in your roof replacement primarily based on the kind of roof and climate you live in. If you’ve got any questions regarding their preference, they may be a handy resource on your unique venture.


The drip facet is another crucial and every so often disregarded part of a roofing or re-roofing process. Even although manufacturers recommend it, and a few require it for a legitimate assurance, some contractors do not encompass the drip aspect on their estimates.

The drip area is metallic strips carried out along gutter lines, eaves, and a few rakes. It stops water from getting beneath the shingles and destructive the deck plywood, and protects fascia. A properly implemented drip area will lengthen the roof’s existence and further shield the house from water damage.

The drip side is not pricey to consist of in a roof replacement undertaking, and the advantages greatly outweigh the value.


The cause of a roof is to guard the house against the elements; wind, rain, ice, and so forth. In most climates, ice and/or water are a difficulty you cannot forget about.

Ice and water protection ought to be discussed for almost each residential roofing project and could, in all likelihood, seem on your estimate. Ice and water boundaries permit right water glide stopping harm resulting from excessive wind and rain storms and ice construct-up referred to as ice dams. It strongly adheres to the plywood roof deck, supplying a second line of defense to the underlayment. The barrier is carried out to the most vulnerable elements of the roof. Depending on the type of roof, this could be the valleys, eaves, rakes, or the entire deck floor. Contractors might also advise using it around chimneys and different areas where leaks are probable to occur.