Celebrity couple’s request highlights Maui’s housing woes


A movie star couple’s request to convert their Hawaii home into a short-term apartment is triggering a rousing debate on the island of Maui.

Alexa PenaVega, megastar of the movie “Spy Kids,” and her actor-singer husband Carlos PenaVega, seek to hire out their Kihei domestic. The request comes two years after the couple moved from Los Angeles, searching for a tempo trade, The Maui News stated.

Over the last 12 months, the Maui County Council exceeded a law that might require someone to keep personal belongings for a minimum of five years before applying for a short-term apartment allowance. The invoice included a six-month grace period that led to September, and the PenaVegas were given their software performed in August.


Residents at a recent planning fee meeting complained that the community is already full of holiday leases that lessen residents’ housing options.

“This is not anything private, and you appear like cute human beings. However, this makes my blood boil,” said Wailuku resident Noelani Ahia. She stated that local humans who’ve lived in the vicinity for generations could not find the money to live.

The network has disappeared from Kihei, said Cody Nemet Tuivaiti, who grew up within the location: “Basically, these days we’re strangers in our very own city, in which earlier than we knew everybody.”

They stated that a loss of community is why the PenaVegas need to hire out their domestic. When they moved into a 3-bedroom domestic on a private gated road close to the Kihei shoreline, they were supposed to live, they said.

But their community did not feel like home—there are 3 excursion leases within 500 feet (152 meters).

“You’d meet someone, and per week (later), they have been long past,” Carlos PenaVega stated. “As a developing family, we value community out here, so that turned into tough.”

The couple and their son moved to a 2-acre property in Maui’s Upcountry vicinity, where they have located a community network.

“But that was by no means our aim to (do a) excursion condo at all,” said Alexa PenaVega. “We got here right here to stay right here.”

Renting out the house for a long period might simplest permit them to break even, Carlos PenaVega stated.

While commissioners said they conflicted with the low-cost housing trouble, it is no longer up to PenaVegas to resolve a housing disaster.

Commissioner Keaka Robinson said that at the same time, as it can now not be the fee’s job to create housing, contributors had the electricity to forestall holiday rentals from overcrowded neighborhoods.

“I do not get disenchanted once I see people come because it’s cash and math,” Robinson stated. “If you get a residence and you may hire it out, wow, you can join in. But what it’s miles, is harm, now not dissatisfied, but harm, due to the fact humans are getting second homes when somebody can’t even get a room.”

The fee wanted five votes to approve the allow. It fell quickly, four-1, with Robinson antagonistic, prompting Chairman Lawrence Carnicelli to defer it.
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