Evolution Kitchen Rentable Food Truck Gears Up at Foodaroo


After years of running in the culinary enterprise, Lisa Mitchell has come nearer than most to nabbing her adolescent dream activity.

“When I became 5 years old, the primary component I wanted to be turned into an ice cream girl and feature an ice cream truck,” she stated. “I bear in mind being really thinking about the idea of vending meals out of a truck and making humans happy.”

Now Mitchell, forty-five, and husband Andy, 44, are co-proprietors of Evolution Kitchen, a cell eatery on the way to debut June 23 on the 5th annual Foodaroo pageant in Middlebury. While Evolution Kitchen received’t is serving up Firecracker ice pops or Chaco Tacos, its core idea is as exciting: The Mitchells will hire the truck out to a changing solid of culinary characters a way to peddle their wares at occasions in and past Addison County.


So a ways, Evolution Kitchen’s summer season lineup includes the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, the Grift’s twentieth-anniversary party at Mad River Glen, and the Tour de Farms in Vergennes. The truck can even take in a temporary house on a few Saturdays within the alley next to Town Hall Theater, offering cooks including Alganesh Michael of BTV Ethiopian. A full-time table is to be had online and at the truck’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

If food-truck reincarnation is a factor, the Evolution Kitchen truck has had proper karma; it’s had many yummy iterations. The car, a 1988 GMC, began its life in Houston, Texas, in which it served Mediterranean food below the alias “Kat’s Kitchen” and warm dogs as “Doggy Style Dogs.” (Said one Yelp reviewer of the latter, “The world stopped and moved in gradual movement once I bit into one of their warm puppies.” Damn.)

After making the rounds in Texas, the truck becomes donated to the Addison County Parent/Child Center and then put lower back on the market. That’s whilst it caught Mitchell’s eye.

“I were dreaming approximately shopping for it and expecting the rate to return down,” she stated, “however simply after I became ready to do it, a person just slipped in and purchased it.”

Luckily, a year later, the proprietors put it on the market once more. Mitchell nabbed the truck for $four 000 and refurbished it with an assist from Silver Maple Construction, MacIntyre Plumbing & Heating, and other volunteer people and groups. Earlier this month, the truck passed its fitness department inspection “with flying shades,” Mitchell mentioned.

Evolution Kitchen isn’t Mitchell’s best mission. She and her husband run the nonprofit Middlebury Underground and the Foodaroo festival centered on network-building via food. She additionally works a selection of communications jobs. So Mitchell found out she wouldn’t have time to run the meals truck alone.

With that during thoughts, she developed the truck’s modern-day modus operandi, which she likened to a “curated Airbnb model.” Mitchell and accomplice chefs will decide condo costs on an individual foundation. However, she’s determined to make it less expensive.

“This truck kind of combines lots of factors for me,” Mitchell stated, “like my love of cooking and meals, constructing community and networking with chefs, and giving them a platform to test and thrive.”

As production in downtown Middlebury continues to limit visitors, Mitchell hopes Evolution Kitchen will help restaurateurs pursue catering opportunities far from their brick-and-mortar venues. She’s additionally working with the Better Middlebury Partnership and Neighbors, Together to convey more enterprise downtown.

Michael Kin, the forty seven-yr-old Aqua ViTea art director recognized domestically for his colorful kombucha bottle designs, portrays the truck so that it outdoors showcases its core venture. Once a naturalist educator for the Audubon Society in Oregon, Kin stated he turned into pleased to dive into the “evolution” element of the undertaking. He has painted panels on every aspect of the truck that together illustrates a vibrant history of meals and cooking.

“There are all of these traditions that will be popping out of this truck,” Kin stated, “and it’s the history of our studying to prepare dinner that’s gotten us to this place wherein you can have a majority of these traditions in one spot.”

The truck is bright, with alternating splashes of yellow and mild blue and placing purple-orange accents. Kin said Jack Black’s luchador costume had stimulated the color choices in the 2006 movie Nacho Libre.