Outdoors in Maine: Keeping an endure-ing on hunting trouble


“Did the ultimate bear referendum affect you in any way in my opinion?” she requested.

That query became sudden. It stuck me off-protect. A desirable query, although. It took me returned in time to the notably charged bear referendum when Maine citizens decided the destiny of leisure undergo hunting as we realize it.


I become being interviewed by using a University of Maine graduate pupil, who became running on her master’s thesis. Over a cup of tea and a molasses cookie at an Ellsworth eatery, Francesca Gundrum grilled me in a thoughtful and thorough manner approximately my mind on undergoing looking, bear baiting and the politics of all of it.

Obviously determined to hear all facets of this deeply divisive Maine problem, she is assembly with all of the “players,’’ which include the Humane Society of America (HSUS), which has over time attempted to ban Maine endure hunts thru one approach or some other.

“Do you suspect they will be again for any other run at it?” I asked Francesca. She indicated HSUS isn’t pronouncing that the countrywide agency is non-committal.

One goal of her thesis is to reply to this query: Is there a center ground between folks who help bear baiting and those who oppose it? Is there a compromise position? I look forward to studying her thesis while it’s finished.

In the intervening time, there’s a hobby at the legislative front this is applicable to bear politics in Maine. For the fourth yr, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine has supported an invoice that could amend the country chart in a way that might require that petition signatures for citizen initiative referendums come from both congressional districts.

This is a superb concept inasmuch as it might save you a kingdom demographic vicinity like southern Maine from hijacking a citizen initiative referendum.

The legislative vote has been close every 12 months. According to SAM, the bill came out of committee with a robust ought-to-pass vote this time around, but with robust opposition from the Maine Education Association (MEA). “It is not likely to garner a 2/3 vote to make the certain passage,” asserts SAM spokesman Dave Trahan. At press time, in keeping with Trahan, the bill is “in price range negotiations” and the legislative final results stay uncertain.

Why within the world, you might ask, might Maine teachers oppose a measure that could make the citizen initiative referendum manner truthful and extra balanced? Why might our instructors now not need rural Mainers to have a voice in what seems at the ballot?

Trahan says to observe the money trail and that it results in out-of-country resources with “progressive” agendas.

As I advised the graduate scholar in reaction to her query, it’s miles easier to forgive than it’s fair to overlook. We almost lost undergo hunting on this state because of out-of-nation wealth with an anti-searching agenda, and now, in an indirect way, different freedoms are being trampled upon.

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