Ofsted will not review inspections carried out


Inspections finished by way of a drug-addicted ex-Ofsted inspector will not be reviewed, the education watchdog has shown.

Elenor Proctor, 36, became jailed for four years earlier this week after admitting her part in a burglary sequence that targeted pensioners in Salford.

Manchester Crown Court heard that the mother-of-three, who worked as an Ofsted inspector for ten months between 2015 and 2016, led a ‘thoroughly decent’ existence.


But Proctor changed into a ‘functioning addict’ who had been using magnificence A pills for more than 15 years.

It eventually brought about a magnificent fall from grace when the former teacher was discovered to be tricking her manner into aged people’s homes alongside her boyfriend Patrick Nicholson, 34, as a way to thieve from them to fund her addiction.

Ofsted has now confirmed that the inspections Proctor performed in her position have been continually subject to senior officers’ scrutiny, so they will no longer be reviewed.

It has also shown that Proctor’s capabilities were affected simultaneously as she was inside the function, and we’re taking steps to cope with it while she is determined to surrender.

An Ofsted spokesperson said: “Elenor Proctor changed into hired utilizing Ofsted as an Early Years Regulatory Inspector for ten months, between October 2015 and August 2016. She had clear, greater DBS certificates.

“Throughout this era, as with every new personnel, Ms. Proctor has become a concern for our formal education technique, and her paintings as a lead inspector have also become an issue to onsite excellent guarantee by senior officers.

“There have been concerns about her functionality, and we were inside the system of taking formal steps to deal with this when Ms. Proctor resigned from her role.”

During her sentencing, Proctor instructed the courtroom that she had ‘spiraled out of manipulating.’

She has become homeless after a courting breakdown and went on to fulfill Nicholson.

Together, they committed a sequence of offenses at four households in Eccles in late March and early April.

On one occasion, Proctor approached a pair of their past due to the ’60s and advised them she worked for a fish agency and that they were installing an aquarium nearby.

She told the couple they needed to test that they hadn’t broken their water supply inside the method.

While they had been distracted, Nicholson stole £30 coins and some of the financial institution cards, which were later used in a shop.

Other offenses noticed the pair scouse borrowed £2,050 from an 83-12 months-antique female, £one hundred thirty, a bank card and sentimental gadgets from a seventy six-12 months-old woman, and a safe containing jewelry worth about £20,000 from a sixty nine-year-antique man, after concocting false stories to gain get admission to their homes.

Sentencing, Judge Richard Mansell QC informed Proctor of Station Lane, Wakefield: “Yours is a salutary tale within the evils of medicine, and mainly heroin and crack cocaine.”

He said, “For you, this is wonderful; however, in lots of approaches, inevitable fall from the life you as soon as had, with a decent job and family, to being homeless on the road, to now facing a jail sentence in your mid-30s.”


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