Rebecca Judd’s $50k problem together with her Melbourne mansion


Rebecca Judd can also have offered her dream domestic with her husband and previous AFL big-name Chris Judd — however, there was glaring trouble with the Melbourne mansion, which they best discovered once they moved in.

The Judds recently bought an expensive Spanish Colonial house in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton for a whopping $7.3 million.

That rate tag grew by $50,000 when the couple realized their motors were too big to fit in the garage.

Speaking on KIIS 101.1’s Jase and PJ, Judd said their degree failed the garage to see if it could shape her hulking Range Rover into a “massive mistake.”


“We hit this primary snag because while you visit home inspections, you are never supposed to power your vehicles into the storage to see if they are healthy,” Judd informed the radio hosts. “They don’t in shape, so there’s this big column in the middle, and every car has its curler door with this huge structural beam inside the middle.

“Our cars, neither of them suit in. We attempted one night and couldn’t even get the nose in.

“We’ve had to knock out the column due to the fact this isn’t going to be my dream domestic, and we’re going to leave the automobiles out on the road, so we needed to bang out the column, positioned a few more structural steel across the top and open it up. $50,000 later …

“That becomes a big mistake, so if you’re listening, ensure your degree is is the garage.”

The former weather presenter joked that she’d rounded down the fee to her husband, Chris Judd, as a substitute, telling the AFL that it had changed into around $20,000. “He’s not retiring, ever,” she laughed.

The couple is in the middle of completely renovating the Brighton home. Judd spoke to Nine’s The Style School earlier this week about their big mission.

“We offered this residence to house our big circle of relatives,” she said. “The maximum critical intention for this maintenance changed into to create a residence that ticked all of the bins in terms of what we wished for a purposeful own family domestic.

“Bedrooms, bathrooms, and sufficient living area so we weren’t on the pinnacle of every other, however (additionally so) we can also simply enjoy fabulous family time together.”

The Judds have four kids — -12 months-old twins Tom and Darcy, a five-year-old female named Billie, and a seven-12 months-old boy named Oscar.

Judd also said she and her husband plan to construct an extension and might not have bought the house if there wasn’t sufficient room for a fitness center.

“We measured the existing tennis court docket, and it turned out to have huge baselines,” she informed this system. “I was puzzled if we should lead them to smaller and circulate the tennis courtroom forwards, pinching some extra space from the lower back baseline to build a fitness center. We spoke to our builder, Dale, who gave us the inexperienced mild.

“If we couldn’t try this, we wouldn’t have bought the house. My husband is in the gym daily, so it’s virtually important, and it has become a large issue in shopping for this domestic.”

The Judds additionally plan to construct a magnesium mineral pool.