Over the decades, these Lynnwood plumbers have seen it all


The Davises started out with one truck in 1986. Many rescued wedding jewelry later, they have memories to inform.
This is one in all a chain of Herald Business Journal testimonies about legacy agencies in Snohomish County.

LYNNWOOD — The oldsters at Day and Nite Plumbing & Heating have seen and heard all of it — and quite a few it’s coming from your pipes.

Grease balls. Shower curtains poking through the bathroom drain. Gurgling pipes.

Over the decades, these Lynnwood plumbers have seen it all 1

In 1986, plumber Bruce Davis Sr. Offered a small plumbing corporation inside the Lynnwood region.
Day and Nite, in commercial enterprise considering the fact that 1954, “had an excellent name so we kept it, ” stated Bruce Davis Jr., the company’s preferred manager, and component-proprietor.

Back then, it turned into Davis Sr., a pair of commercial enterprise companions and a truck

Now it’s Davis Sr., his son Davis Jr., 30 personnel and a fleet of automobiles. “My dad bought out the final accomplice in 2007,” Davis Jr. Said.

The enterprise is located at Martha Lake “but we cross all of the ways up to Stanwood,” he stated.

The call says all of it: Day and Nite Plumbing.

They’re on name 24-hours a day, seven days every week. They concentrate on plumbing, heating, and cooling emergencies — crises that cause migraines and give you that ill, sinking feeling but rarely make it into a Facebook feed.

At least as soon as 12 months, for instance, the organization responds to an “I’ve flushed my ring down the toilet” emergency.

“Our music file is pretty top,” Davis Jr. Stated. “We’ve gotten pretty some back.”

Winter brings the frantic frozen-pipe calls.

They’re sneaky. Often you don’t realize you’ve got a cracked pipe till it warms up and you suspect you’re out of the woods, Davis Jr. Explained.

When the pipes thaw and a flood seems, you want to close the water off right now, stated David Lalonde, the enterprise’s plumbing division manager.

Easier stated than accomplished.

“About 10 years ago, in the course of a large freezer, we found out that many owners don’t recognize how or even where to shut off their gasoline and water,” Davis Jr. Stated.

“We will now pop out to your house for free and show you how to close off the water and pick out it with a tag,” he stated.

Apartment buildings have their personal bugaboos.

Jason Morrissey, a company technician, was known as to an condominium because the bathroom drain changed into blocked.

Another firm had eliminated the bathroom in an unsuccessful attempt to clear the drain.

When Morrissey arrived, he saw 1/2 a shower curtain protruding of the toilet drain.

The rental manager become beside himself — how may want to someone try this?

Fortunately, Morrissey knew to test the adjacent apartment and toilet.

The bathrooms on either side of the wall were returned-to-lower back and shared a not unusual drain.

When the alternative organization attempted to clear it with cable snake, they “unknowingly broke through the bathroom inside the other unit, and the cable snared the shower curtain,” Davis Jr. Stated.

“The complete time they have been attempting to tug a bath curtain from one unit to some other via the bathroom drain,” he said.

Just while you think you’ve seen all of it, something new will bubble up.

“We in no way understand what we’re going to be up against till we get there — no matter how weird,” Lalonde said.