Luxe finishes outline the aesthetics of this home


This 1,650-rectangular-feet residence in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, radiates with an art-deco aesthetic scattered with expressive showcases of dramatic cadences. For designing his 3-bedroom home, the consumer Ravi Shetty approached architects Pratik Sidhpura and Devang Patel of P & D Associates. The architects decided to develop a clean and specific aesthetic for this residence with luxe finishes and indulgent textures, thereby growing a sumptuous living environment.

Gujarat: A Modernist Panorama

Luxe finishes outline the aesthetics of this home 1

The domestic façade exposes a certain simplicity of modernism via both the linearity of form and shade’s homogeneity. Showcasing the seamlessness of interaction among spatial voids and solidity is the cantilevered frontage that factors toward modernist intonations. Drenched in bluish-gray paint, the outdoor brick cladding’s textural presence is complemented by using sleek panels of walnut veneer. The matt black entrance door is ornamented with a brass cope with; black and white floors embellishing the bungalow’s front porch.

Gujarat: A Luxurious Abode

The residing room showcases ornate fixtures and luxe fabric semblances that show off textures of an art deco aesthetic. The colonial furnishings are sourced from Portugal for their velvet drapery, glossy sheen, and vintage brass finishes. A smooth, grid-ensemble partition wall separates this space from the rest of the house. Intended to align with the ground’s open-plan layout, the voids of this paneled wall goal to render the living room with openness.

Gujarat: A Contemporary Haven

Pearl, grey, and black-toned, the lavishness of the kitchen-cum-eating is accentuated with tasteful touches of ochre and gold. The rawness of the wooden dining table complements the vintage, Victorian chairs. The formidable green wall that wraps around the ways facet of the dining vicinity livens up the gap’s impartial palette. This current kitchen-cum-dining is a harmony of assertion pieces that challenge bold hatches of easy sophistication.

Gujarat: An Embodiment of Elegance

The daughters’ bedroom is a charming space packed with colorations. The infant purple color palette with splashes of maroon and gold mirrors a fairytale-like aesthetic. The custom made furniture sourced from Portugal, and the velvet gloss of the fabrics paired with the brass tinted finishes come together fantastically in opposition to the pastel red timber wall that hugs the room. Space additionally showcases a fashionable blend of floral textures, silky pinks, and stark white colors.

Gujarat: A Graceful Sanctuary

The daughters’ toilet is a meditative enclave radiating a soothing, blue coloration palette infused with opulent details and fixtures. The custom-made greyish blue wallpaper provides a sense of decorativeness. The rustic teak wood cloth cabinet with marble paneling enhances the naturalistic imageries of the wallpaper. Embossed with problematic detailing, the vibrant turquoise backsplash energizes the restroom with its vivacious tones.

Gujarat: A Tranquil Enclave

The main bedroom is a comforting meditation round a multifarious, blue color palette. The glossy beige leather headboard glistens in opposition to the ambitious, Prussian blue wood wall paneling. The room is ready with a vintage coat hanger and ochre, cane mesh chair.

Gujarat: A Dusky Transition

The grasp bathroom sticks out for its dark-toned, grey, and pink coloration palette. The space tasks a cute co-mingling of textured tiles and sleek sheens. The patterned floors right here provides a bold touch to the placing.

Gujarat: Stately Modulations

The vibrant television room is accessorized with royal chandeliers and regal leather furnishings; a cobalt blue and cream palette dominates the distance. The ground design enhances the marble and brass furnishings’ intonations, bringing out the lavish sensibilities of the room. With portions sourced from Portugal, this area embodies a dignified, avant-garde aesthetic.

The balcony of the house mimics the minimalist nature of the bungalow’s façade. This area adjoins the theatre-room, folding in with its character as a space for amusement and relaxation.