Later Gator: Unwelcome visitor reasons kitchen concerns


So, did you listen to the only approximately 11-foot-lengthy alligator that broke into the residence in Florida?

No foolin’. Clearwater’s police responded to the call from a distraught homeowner who determined the unwelcome visitor inside the kitchen. Apparently, the wayward reptile entered the homestead with the aid of breaking through a low-slung window in the dwelling room.

Howdja like to stroll into the kitchen at 2:17 a.M. And discover that searching again at you? And cockroaches scurrying round provide most of the people the heebie-jeebies. Sheesh!


And to add insult to injury, the gator broke 4 bottles of the home owner’s “good wine.” So at the side of being trapped within the house, this gator became 3 sheets to the wind. I’m making a bet he, or she for what it’s worth, isn’t aaaugh under the influence of alcohol both.

I’m hoping there weren’t any munchable-sized pets in the house. But to an eleven-foot gator, a grown man is munchable.

The Sunshine State is certainly overrun with alligators. This week I talked to a Cajun friend of mine approximately the state of affairs. Back domestic, his name is Pierre. Up here in which he lives now in Lowndes County, his name is Pete. He’s a retired welder who labored on the rigs inside the Gulf. I requested him what he might do within the equal instances, a gator in the kitchen.

“Gumbo,” turned into his one-phrase answer.

He then went on.

“Stuff like that manifest all the time growing up,” he stated in an accent thick as the mists coming off the bayou. “Maybe now not inside the residence, however within the backyard around the camp. What you acquire to understand Marty is if Adam and Eve had been Cajuns, they might have skipped the apple anet the snake.”

Still, having an 11-foot gator within the house would be a piece disconcerting for maximum oldsters. So, the next time some pointy-headed liberal asks why we need AR-15 rifles, I have the ideal answer.

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