Kittson Central to reduce amount of flooring to be replaced


After individuals of the Kittson Central School Board went on a walk-thru of the facilities currently, the consensus becomes to replace only certain carpeting quantities on the north give up of the building. During the school board meeting on Wednesday, May 22, the board legal Superintendent Bob Jaszczak visited Jill Sobolik at CarpetOne in Drayton to get a quote.
Earlier this spring, Jaszczak were given fees from CarpetOne and Grindeland’s Flooring in Hallock for changing the carpet in a far large part of the faculty, along with the district places of work, the library and media middle, laptop labs, teacher’s front room, and band and tracking rooms. CarpetOne’s quote became $44,000, and Grindeland’s quote became $59,000.
“I suppose we ought to scale back. We talked about it for the duration of the stroll around,” Jaszczak stated. “We pointed out doing the offices and instructor’s lounge this year and selecting away at it as we move ahead.”
With a $15,000 difference between the 2 fees, the board agreed with Jaszczak’s inspiration to consult Sobolik for a scaled-down quote for fewer floors.


He stated the trainer’s living room carpeting is horrible and could probably be replaced with hard floor floors.
Likewise, the carpeting is in horrific condition in Janet Swenson’s lecture room and will be replaced with hard flooring.
This challenge’s price could be protected via the center’s fund, which yearly has $one hundred,000 plus whatever that rolls over from the previous year. Jaszczak said about $38,000 would rollover.

“The carpeting is one of the first things traffic see. It’s a primary effect,” said Board Member Eric Ristad.
Other than the carpeting, the board also discussed gadgets in need of restore or development inside all school centers, along with dings in the outdoor partitions and broken displays due to snow elimination; peeling paint on most important door panels; rubber peeling on playground gadget; brick deteriorating at the south wall of the gym; and a 1-inch lip at the stop of Senior Hall that wishes to be removed for handicapped accessibility.
The biggest issue they discussed in any other case turned into enhancing the bus storage building. While it does the process to refuge the buses, it’s a far constructed degree with the floor, and the doors tend to freeze close.
Ristad cautioned it’s miles an object to don’t forget while managing long-time period making plans and Jaszczak said he would get numbers over the summertime at the fee of changing the constructing itself.
The bus garage basis is ideal, Jaszczak said.

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In a different commercial enterprise, the board:

• Discussed the new math curriculum accepted in advance this 12 months for primary grades, Bridges Math Learning Center. Principal Jami Carr stated all of the software is greater exploratory and extra student-driven. “It matches up nicely with what we’re doing in 6th grade thru Algebra 2.” Along with that grain, Jaszczak stated the district would take a look at replacing a few fixtures in grades 3 through five classrooms so that it will create a collection environment. He stated they might slowly upload to each schoolroom and speak the value – that’s among $15,000 and $20,000 – at the finance meeting in June.
• Approved persevering with as a member of the Minnesota State High School League for activities and sports.
• Accepted Business Manager Denise Blomquist’s resignation. Jaszczak stated Blomquist had been educating Amanda Younggren to take over the position, and the schooling has been going well. “I suppose she’s going to do an exquisite task for us,” Jaszczak stated.
• Certified the graduating elegance of 2019.

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