Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid


A kitchen renovation is among the biggest investments homeowners make in their homes. If done right, it lasts for years to come and even increases the value of the house. However, many people make kitchen renovation mistakes that leave them less than satisfied. Wondering what those mistakes are? Below, I have jotted down the common mistakes that most homeowners make during kitchen remodels. Learn these mistakes and avoid them to make your project a big success.

Not considering the workflow – The stove, refrigerator, and sink are the three busiest areas of the kitchen. According to experts, these features should not be placed in the kitchen. Otherwise, it will become impossible for more than one person to prepare the food simultaneously. It is better to arrange them in a triangle so that there is enough space in the kitchen for you to work efficiently. If you cannot plan the kitchen layout, you can take the help of professional kitchen designers. They have the expertise in designing the “work triangle” and can bring favorable results.

Considering new appliances at last—This is the most common mistake that homeowners make while revamping their kitchens. How can one buy cabinets without knowing the measurements of the appliances? To make your appliances fit snugly in the cabinet, buy them early in the renovation process. If you buy late, you must struggle to decide how much space should be left for new appliances.

Poor lighting—The kitchen is the room of the house where you can’t afford bad lighting. Adequate lighting is necessary to handle knives and other kitchen tools safely. Moreover, with proper lighting, the designer elements of the kitchen are presented amazingly.

Overlooking ventilation—Have you ever sensed the smell of last night’s food in someone’s house? If yes, then you will surely understand the need for proper ventilation. It helps circulate dirty and stale air and improves the quality of air inside your home. It also keeps your home mold-free and extends the life of your appliances.

Forgetting the budget – Setting the budget is a crucial part of kitchen remodeling that should not be skipped at any cost. Decide which features of the kitchen are essential and divide the finances accordingly. This way, you will not run short of money, and your project will get completed without bothering you.

Going too trendy—Many don’t consider it a mistake, but if you have a tight budget, the latest kitchen trends and high-end equipment may not be the best choice. Trendy designs don’t last long, and you may not see a high return on investment at a later stage. It is suggested that you look for timeless elements.

Not hiring kitchen design professionals—You may think of saving money by trying a DIY kitchen remodel. But it is not an ideal decision, as your considerable amount of time and money will be wasted if things go wrong. Professionals are called so for a reason. They have undergone proper training and acquired the right knowledge to serve homeowners.