UNHOLY ROW Nun scuffling with Katy Perry over £12million


A NUN who turned into locked in a belongings struggle with Katy Perry reportedly claims the pop celeb has “blood on her palms” after an aged sister died at some point of a court hearing.

Rita Callanan, of the Order of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, says she believes the singer has lots to answer for.

Katy and 89-year-antique Sister Catherine Rose Holzman had locked horns over the singer’s plans to shop for the Los Feliz convent in Los Angeles and turn it into a luxury home.

UNHOLY ROW Nun scuffling with Katy Perry over £12million 1

Sister Catherine and Sister Rita had tried to sell it to a businesswoman known as Dana Hollister for £31,000 in preference to the £10.8m Katy had offered the Archdiocese of LA.

Katy and the Archdiocese then correctly sued Dana and had been awarded $15m (£12m) among them as a result.

However, Sister Catherine suddenly collapsed and died in court during listening to approximately the matter in March 2018.

‘”I absolutely don’t like Katy Perry. I’m positive she doesn’t like me,” eighty one-12 months-antique Sister Rita has now informed the Page Six column of The New York Post.

She reportedly brought she believes the multi-millionaire ‘Fireworks’ singer has “blood on her palms.”

According to Sister Rita, Sister Catherine’s last phrases before dying were: “Katy Perry. Please stop.”

Sister Rita admits that possibly the sisters acted without authority through selling the assets with the all-clear from their diocese.

“We asked Dana to shop for our belongings as we didn’t want it to visit Katy Perry. Yes, we positioned the wheels in motion to promote our property,” she stated.

“Was it criminal? Probably now, not totally. But it wasn’t a prison for Katy Perry to buy (it) both.”

In media interviews, the nuns behind the sale made it clear they had been no longer huge fanatics of the chart-topper – famed for her flamboyant clothing and raunchy level indicates.

“I discovered Katy Perry, and I found her videos, and…if it is all right to mention, I wasn’t happy with any of it,” Sister Rita told the LA Times in 2015.

After making her provide, Perry – a pastor’s daughter – reportedly met with the nuns, confirmed her tattoo of Jesus on her wrist, or even performed the church hymn ‘Oh Happy Day.’

However, despite the celebrity’s effort, the matter still ended up in the courts.

After they dominated in her favor, Perry’s attorney Eric Rowen said: “justice has been well served.”

Tonight the Archdiocese of LA said: “The Archdiocese has constantly sought to behave within the satisfactory hobby of all IHM Sisters, both to fulfill their request to sell the Institute’s property and to offer for their care.

“The Archdiocese considered Ms. Perry’s all-cash provide to be the quality offer for the Institute and the Sisters. It supplied the IHM Institute with funds enough for the continuing care of the Sisters.

“It also confident that the belongings could be used as a family home rather than for industrial purposes, allowing for the assets to be restored and maintained with an appreciation for its wealthy history.

“Ms. Perry has reputable the technique for the sale of the property and has expressed shared subject for the Sisters during this count number.”

The Sun Online has contacted Katy’s representatives to touch upon the document.