Illegal colonies come up in Rohtak


Unauthorized colonies are developing at numerous places in Rohtak city and Meham, Sample, and Kalanaur townships inside the district. Construction likewise takes place in multiple such colonies.

Certain unscrupulous colonizers, sponsored through a community of small-time property sellers, trap unsuspecting residents to invest money in such localities. The buyers are informed that the colonies might quickly get regularised and get exact returns/appreciation.
As the market rate of land is appreciably lower inside the unauthorized colonies compared to the authorized ones, many citizens/ traders grow to be buying plots in unauthorized colonies.


Taking cognizance of the matter, Rohtak District Town Planner (DTP) Mandeep Sihag has warned the citizens against investing their hard-earned cash in unauthorized colonies. “The DTP workplace has recognized as many as 28 websites in Rohtak town and Meham, Sample, and Kalanaur townships within the district where plotting and creation cannot be completed as in step with the regulation,” he said.

The DTP has appealed to humans not to be misled by unscrupulous colonizers/ dealers and to invest their hard-earned money in prison and accepted colonies.

Prohibited regions

Rohtak: Near Omaxe City and Sector 27-28, Sunderpur Road close to Jind Chowk, Gohana-Chamaria Road opposite Mata Mandir, near Sector 29-30 dividing avenue on Rohtak-Delhi Road, near RTO workplace, Sector 7-37 dividing avenue, near Bharat Gas godown on Kacha Chamaria Road, close to Sector 22-D Omaxe alongside JLN canal on Jhajjar road, near Sector 28 Omaxe City on Rohtak-Delhi Road, near to Gaddi Kheri Road on Rohtak-Hisar road, near HSIIDC on Bhiwani road, Bohar-Ladhaut avenue, on back of Sector 36 near Gohana-Delhi outer pass, close to Baland village on Rohtak-Beri avenue, near Landhaus road on Gohana-Delhi outer ring road and underneath-bridge on Rohtak-Gohana road.

Sample: Outer Delhi Ring Road, near Gijhi-Dattaur Road, near Rohtak Skip Chowk in Sample, near Chuliana activate returned of Shiv Shakti homes on Delhi-Rohtak Street and Delhi-Rohtak Avenue close to Gandhi.

Kalanaur: Kalanaur is past Jindran Chowk and Sheri Mandir Chowk, close to Kalanaur electricity house and opposite Riddhi-Siddhi Hotel on Bhiwani-Kalanaur avenue.

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