I just want to sell by myself belongings


A Terrell County farmer is engaged in protracted combat to sell her produce on her own assets, and county leaders also agreed to speak about her situation.

Two Terrell County zoning ordinances limit Jerilyn Morgan from promoting her homegrown produce on her farm. But two commissioners stated it’s time they reconsider her dilemma.

As if farming isn’t difficult enough, Morgan stated her county leaders aren’t making it any simpler.

I just want to sell by myself belongings 1

“So on top of combating the authorities, I’m trying to get every penny I can get,” she stated.

Terrell County zoning ordinances state she can’t sell produce on her belongings for numerous motives.

“To rezone one particular piece of belongings for one singular character, which results in their private income or benefit, isn’t always allowed,” said Zoning Chief Martha Ann Coe.

Property has to be large than an acre, and the proprietor has to stay on it as well, so Morgan has to tour the town to sell.

“You’ve got to go down there and install a tent, and set up a sign, and install your tables, after which % it all up and get prepared for the following day. It’s a variety of paintings to do,” Morgan said.

That doesn’t take a seat nicely with a few county commissioners.

“She can’t sell her produce; however, the folks in Sasser can sell theirs, and the people in Yeomans can promote theirs. It’s something incorrect with that, and I don’t like it,” stated Commissioner Larry Faust.

“I assume we need to back down, Mrs. Morgan, and I don’t suppose we need to have this fight every two or three years. Let the female sell collard greens down there if she wants to,” said Commissioner Lucius Holloway.

Though they denied her a year in the past, commissioners may also discover alternatives to assist the farmer.

“I just want to sell by myself belongings; it’s a basic proper,” stated Morgan.

The zoning director says they’ve tried to work with Morgan in the past. Commissioners decided to have the county lawyer sit down with Coe and Morgan to provide you with an answer doubtlessly.

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