How to Choose Your Bathroom Mirror


A mirror in your bathroom may not seem like it requires much consideration, although the type of mirror you choose for your bathroom can have a tremendous effect on its overall feel. There are a couple of things you should consider before choosing your bathroom mirror. This is because there are many bathroom mirror ideas to choose from. You want to ensure that you find what you are looking for and that the bathroom mirrors ideas you go for making sense.

Bathroom Mirror

How do you choose a bathroom mirror?

  1. Size

Bathroom mirrors come in varying sizes, hence the need to base them on your vanity size. You do not want a bathroom mirror that is too small to offer the required effect or one that is too huge that makes your bathroom look off-balance. There are numerous bathroom ideas to consider. The most ideal to settle for is that which accentuates and brings out your bathroom’s best features.

  1. Shape

When choosing your bathroom mirror, you want to ensure that you have an idea of what you want for its shape. The most common shapes are rectangular or oval mirrors. You do not have to get limited at these TWO since bathroom ideas are there to get explored and implemented. Go artsy with your bathroom mirror, so you don’t feel limited by shape.

  1. Frame

Frames are awesome mirror ideas, and you want to settle for one that looks custom. With the right frame, you can brainstorm numerous bathroom ideas. You can match your bathroom cabinetry or décor with the mirror.

  1. Color

With a mirror frame, you want to ensure that you go for the right color that coordinates with the rest of your bathroom. Most people prefer to match their bathroom mirror frame with the color of their bathroom vanity cabinetry and accessories. With numerous bathroom mirror ideas to choose from, you can opt to have a little fun and go for a color that contrasts with your bathroom’s pallet aesthetically.

  1. Go for statement-making mirrors.

Unique statement mirrors give you so many bathroom mirror ideas. Such statement mirrors include:

  • Decorative frames

Thick decorative frames fit in many bathrooms as long as they contrast perfectly with the colors and décor and the bathroom finish. A decorative mirror doubles as a piece of artwork that pulls little bathroom details together.

  • Mirrors that allow for extra storage

Various bathroom mirror ideas are also great for allowing extra storage in your bathroom. A mirror with some form of shelves allows for little storage space for some of your essentials and light bathroom stuff. This kind of mirror is perfect for allowing a tiny space without taking over other bathroom spaces.

  • Fun shaped mirrors

You can also choose to go for the fun-shaped bathroom mirror, especially when one large one does not fit. You can choose to fit three or so mirrors together to create an artistic effect while at the same time performing their function.

  • Metallic finishes

The mirror in your bathroom allows you to settle for a finish that might not work for the rest of your bathroom. The metallic finish is one of the best bathroom mirror ideas to consider, especially if it matches your tiles, other accessories, and the room’s color pallet.