Homebridge Begins Acquisition of HomeStreet’s Retail Mortgage Operations


Homebridge Financial Services announces that it has finished the first phase of its acquisition of HomeStreet Bank’s retail loan operations.

Terms of the deal – which was first announced in February – have not been divulged.

Phase one consists of acquiring HomeStreet’s loan production branches and fulfillment features in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho—such as processing, underwriting, and funding—and hiring associated personnel.

Phase two, expected to be finished later this month, will acquire HomeStreet’s locations in California and Hawaii.

The acquisition of HomeStreet’s home mortgage centers and associated personnel will increase Hambridge’s profile to 241 retail branches for the duration of use and will increase its personnel depend to 2,344 buddies, the employer says in a release.


As a result, Homebridge will now be one of the top 10 privately owned, unbiased loan lenders in the U.S. based on quantity.

In addition to its expansive department presence, Homebridge operates wholesale divisions, REMN Wholesale and Homebridge Wholesale.

“With Hambridge’s focus on customer pride and a tradition of growth and collaboration, we see the HomeStreet Mortgage crew as a continuing suit,” says Peter Norden, CEO of Homebridge. “We look ahead to the opportunity to contain the HomeStreet Mortgage group into our leading retail loan platform.”

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