Home Decor Objects to Elevate Your Living Room


A few months ago, I began the very grown-up endeavor of redecorating my condominium. At the time, I figured this would mostly entail upgrading my furnishings, replacing the espresso table I bought off Craigslist eight years ago, springing for the pink velvet couch of my desires, upgrading my hand-me-down TV stand, and many others. As I began to trade things up, I discovered that small decor portions remember just as much, if no longer more, than large furniture. (A fancy give-up desk doesn’t appear so fancy with the card coasters you’ve had seeing that college on top of it.) While thinking about how I need my living room to appear, I’ve lately turned my interest to things like photo frames, incense holders, and vases—all of that may, in reality, elevate an area when picked thoughtfully. Ahead, ten living room decor gadgets I have my eye on.

How Five Successful Women Start Their Workdays.

From CEOs to head chefs, we speak to girls in charge of spending their first half-hour at the activity.
By: Chelsey Burnside

As all of us recognize, a woman CEO’s morning seems a little like this: She glides through an expansive foyer, balancing her telephone in one hand and a huge coffee-based beverage inside the different Ferragamos clacking in opposition to the polished marble. She strength-poses her manner up inside the elevator. Her pristine blowout moves, although it’s an unmarried entity. She tosses her trench on an assistant’s desk because she has places to ski, suits to put on, and conference calls with Shenzhen that aren’t going to make themselves.

Okay, maybe we’ve been looking too much primetime ABC. The reason is that the female bosses we know and Coveteur look nothing like a walking Fortune cover. Their morning routines do not look anything like Olivia Pope’s. We chatted with five women in price on how they truly spend the primary 30 minutes of their workdays (examine: guzzling coffee and getting shit performed).


Co-founder and CEO, Clique Media Group

What does the first 1/2 hour of your workday typically appear like?

“I’m up each day with the aid of five a.m. I no longer study my cell phone to work out until I finish my workout. Otherwise, I will run late. Once I look, I’m running, but as a CEO and founder, you’re in no way now not running.”

What’s one issue you constantly like to test off your to-do list first factor in the morning? Why?

“A scroll via the diverse social networks. If I don’t do it early, I won’t get a hazard for the day’s relaxation.”

If an afternoon calls for you to be especially innovative, how do you get that jolt of concept right off the bat?

“For me, exercising and some inexperienced tea is all I need to perform at one hundred percent mentally. I work out greater for my thoughts than my body at this factor.”

Any a.M. Recommendation for fellow woman bosses?

“I love doing early calls, especially with people in NY, when you consider that I am based on the West Coast. I start my first call at 7 am and love that I can get a lot performed earlier than I even get to the office. Maximizing a while is prime, so I use that time for a vital call whenever I’m inside the car.”


Lingerie & Loungewear Designer

What’s one thing you always like to test off your to-do list first in the morning?

“The aspect I like to do first is the task I need to do the least—getting it over with first gives me electricity and pleasure to do the rest. If I go away with the issue, I dislike the maximum till the end of the day. It will be looming over my head today for you to make me counterproductive. So I bite the bullet, get it over with, and experience remarkable on for the duringy.”

If a day calls for you to be especially creative, how do you immediately get that jolt of suggestion?

“One of the fine things I locate for leap-beginning creativity is going outdoors and enjoying it. Not simply walking from factor A to factor B, but sitting with a drink and having some moments of peace. These quiet times help me stabilize and give me the electricity to push my creativity. Another splendid thing is searching through Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr for an idea; seeing layout and shade is always gasoline for the fireplace.”

Is there something small and non-paintings-associated you want to do for yourself to begin your workday off properly?

“I love getting a matcha latte at my neighborhood coffee shop. Stepping outside my home and painting for a few minutes, taking part in the quick stroll over, and speaking to different locals at the shop balances me out and energizes me to start the day. Also, you couldn’t cross wrong with a matcha latte.”