‘Gold Is Superior to Bitcoin,’ Say People Who Sell Gold


The folks who promote gold are a piece disappointed by means of Grayscale’s Drop Gold marketing campaign.

In particular, GoldMoney.Com, goes to amazing lengths to convince the making an investment public that the yellow metallic is “superior” to bitcoin, now not the opposite manner round as the Grayscale commercials declare.

The treasured-metals organisation has created an infographic and white paper that purpose to persuade us gold isn’t so terrible.

GoldMoney.Com founder Roy Sebag has quite loaded to say on the problem. His white paper starts by calling out Barry Silbert, founding the father of Grayscale determines Digital Currency Group:



The DropGold advertorial campaign has, in my private view, been poorly conceived, and–as I even have again and again stated through social media–is so preposterous in its nature as to be akin to uttering terms like “drop Oxygen” or “drop Copper.” In brief, I trust this campaign will not age nicely, and that it runs the risk of in the end undermining the ideals and goals of the cryptocurrency network, which, for the most component, are properly-meaning in their desire to reorient society in the direction of a return to the standards of sound commodity money that have underscored and amplified the proliferation of human cooperative societies from time immemorial till the very current beyond (with Richard Nixon’s historically unparalleled and ostensibly temporary suspension of the Gold widespread in 1971). To be even greater explicit, I am sympathetic to the large imaginative and prescient of the cryptocurrency network and feel that Grayscale and Mr. Silbert, thru those movements, have made a crucial error in judgment this is neither representative of the community nor beneficial to its center objectives.

Sebag is going directly to argue that far from being weightless as recommended in the Grayscale advertisements, bitcoin really weighs extra than gold. After all, it is hosted on heavy servers!

“Bitcoin desires gold to exist,” writes Sebag. “Gold doesn’t want Bitcoin to exist.”

While Sebag is splitting hairs here – in spite of everything, bitcoin, as a virtual asset, is invisible, tasteless, and odorless while gold is a physical item you can wear round your neck – his point is actually that we shouldn’t yet bargain gold as a treasured asset.

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